ZBrush 2019 - Available Now!


Pixologic is proud to announce the release of ZBrush 2019!

Yet another FREE UPGRADE for all registered ZBrush users, ZBrush 2019 continues Pixologic’s commitment meet the demands of today’s digital artists.

ZBrush 2019 includes the following new key features:

First previewed at last year’s ZBrush Summit, the Folders feature is the realization of one of the most popular feature requests from our users. However, in ZBrush 2019 this is more than merely a way to organize your SubTools. A wide variety of actions can be performed at the folder level, affecting all SubTools found within. Examples include performing quick 3D transformations or Live Boolean operations.

Universal Camera

Also previewed at the ZBrush Summit, this new camera system simulates a real-world camera complete with settings for Focal Length, Crop Factor and more. This allows your ZBrush scene to perfectly match that found in any other application or to mirror an imported photograph (or render). It supports undo/redo of camera movements and settings can be stored to be recalled instantly at any time.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR)
This new series of tools create a sketch style which replicates the hand drawn 2D feel and look. With the ability to add overlaying textures, apply a halftone printed paper style, draw a dark outline around the 3D model or apply a number of built-in presets, the new NPR system will open an entire world of artistic possibilities – whether you are concepting, sculpting, or preparing a final render.

SpotLight v2.0 - Snapshot3D
SpotLight v2.0 includes all the powerful projection mapping and PolyPaint features that you’re already used to. It also makes it possible to convert any gray-scale image (alpha) into a 3D model. The source images can be modified in SpotLight or even combined through Boolean-type addition or subtraction to create even more complex 3D shapes. The model generated by this system can serve as a base for sculpting or even be used with the Live Boolean system to create intricate works of art.

ZRemesher v3.0
The ZRemesher automatic retopolgy toolset has been a key component in the modern ZBrush artist’s workflow. It now goes to the next level with ZRemesher v3.0. The enhanced systems can maintain creased edges and automatically detect sharp surface angles, ideal for mechanical models. The result is also a more efficient final polygon count… all while actually increasing speed!

Intersection Masker
The Intersection Masker plugin (included in all ZBrush 2019 installations) allows you to generate a mask where geometry islands intersect on a selected SubTool. It’s the perfect solution for creating complex masks with just a few clicks.

The ZColor plugin (also included in all ZBrush 2019 installations) is your new color manager for any digital painting tasks. It features a set palette of colors, chosen to best express the mood you wish to create and allowing for consistent results. ZColor files can also be shared with others, helping teams to create a cohesive look across projects.

To learn more about the new features, visit our [Features pages](http://pixologic.com/features/).

Welcome to the exciting new world of choices available with ZBrush 2019!

New Licensing Options
Choose a Pixologic subscription plan that’s right for you.

Pixologic is pleased to be able to offer new license options for ZBrush, making it more accessible than ever before to enter the powerful world of digital sculpting. Subscription licensing is an alternative to perpetual licenses, which will continue to be available as they have always been.

Subscription licenses are available in monthly or 6-month plans, automatically re-billing every 30 days or six months. With a subscription you will always have the most current software version, at a price that is perfect for hobbyists, students and professionals who need it on a project-by-project basis. Only Single-User licenses are available as subscriptions and all subscriptions licenses are commercial which means that there are no restriction on how they may be used.

Perpetual licenses will continue as they have been, without change. All license types (Single-User, Volume and Floating) are available for purchase as perpetual licenses and this includes academic pricing.

As stated above, ZBrush 2019 is a free upgrade for all registered ZBrush users. Follow these instructions to upgrade.

Note: It is CRITICAL that you not skip the step to deactivate 2018 and reset the licensing system. Failure to do so will likely result in activation issues.

Note: Floating licenses are available for immediate upgrade as well. They must be upgraded through a Support ticket. My Licenses will not work for floating license upgrades. Click Here for more info.

New Purchases
For new users, perpetual licenses for ZBrush retail for $895. Alternatively, ZBrush subscriptions are $39.95 per month or $179.95 for six months.

ZBrushCore users can upgrade to a ZBrush 2019 perpetual license for $795 through the My Licenses portal. Alternatively, you are also eligible for subscription licensing at the standard rates listed above.

All licenses may be purchased online at www.Pixologic.com for immediate download for both macOS and Windows platforms. Perpetual ZBrush licenses are also available for purchase from Pixologic authorized resellers.

Please do not post questions in this thread. We have created a Questions & Troubleshooting for ZBrush 2019 thread for that purpose, which also includes an FAQ.

Features Gallery Below are sample images showing the various new features at work. The top four showcase the new NPR Renderer while the remaining images highlight the other features. We encourage you to enlarge them in your browser so that you can really see everything!

Special thanks to our MANY beta testers who have created stunning images using all of the new features in ZBrush 2019!

Image by Pablo Munoz Gomez

Image by Pablo Munoz Gomez

Image by Zhelong Xu

Image by Nacho Riesco

Image by Carlos Ortega

Image by Cki Vang

Image by Marlon Nunez

Image by Brett Briley

Image by Francesco Carlesimo

Image by Jared Krichevsky

[Click Here](http://pixologic.com/features/gallery.php) to view all beta testers' images!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Pixologic through your use of ZBrush! The many innovative ways in which you use our tools continue to inspire us on a daily basis.

Happy ZBrushing!

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FOLDERS!!! FOLDERS!!! FOLDERS!!! oh happy day!! can’t wait.

Nice, this is so great. So far my best investment ever. Thank you Pixologic. :+1:

Nice updates! But what happened to Peel UV? That was what seemed most exciting to me.

Nice! Also another free update, can’t believe it. Thanks!
I was also expecting to see the new UV system there but it’s still great to get these improvements :slight_smile:

Wow, another nice update with some very cool new features… The pixologic team is awesome.

Does anybody know where I can watch the live unveiling video that they streamed today? I got interuppted and didn’t get watch the whole stream.

nevermind… I found it here if anybody is interested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/390852379

I’m most excited about ZRemesher 3.0 and the folders. Thanks for the free upgrade, Pixologic, much appreciated.

I was a little surprised about the absence of the new UV mapping tools, and wonder if those will follow in an incremental update or be shifted to next year’s release.

Anyway, great work! :+1:

Yeah !!

Thanks for all this new tools !!
Especially colors i asked and folders,
but i love surprises and NPR and Snapshot looks awesome !!

Worth it for for folders and subtool organizational tools alone. Everything else is gravy. Subtool organization and navigation may not be sexy, but are a vital part of making ZB more usable. ZB has always been crippled by how unwieldy large projects get, bottle-necking productivity no matter how fast or powerful other features become.

You guys rock! Appreciate the work. The folders with the new subtool master folder feature will be a great workflow improvement. ZRemesher 3.0 is a great surprise. I have to say, though, besides folders I was really hoping for that new peel uv tool that you demo’d during ZBrush Summit.
Thank you, also for showing the industry how not to be greedy! Pixologic fan for life!

Yes yes yes and dear folders, i will love you unconditionally for the rest of my life :tear of joy:

By the way, congrats to Pixologic for keeping up a yearly release schedule now, with mostly painless downloads (as opposed to the staggered batches of years past), and timely support patches. Being a long time user I’m afraid to get used to it, but Pixo has really stepped up their game in this regard.

Awesome news! I just hope when the next version is released there are discounts for previous owners. :wink:

BTW, are we there yet? :slight_smile:

I said it before and I’ll say it again.
Purchasing Zbrush roughly 13- 14 years ago was the best investment I ever made.
What seemed to be a good value for money purchase quickly turned into way more value than money deal.

Dear Pixologic-Team,
many thanks as always for a free update! Appreciated!
I don’t want to complain but this was not a typical ZBrush update. Despite of the new ZRemesher I miss more important features than a flat render effect feature or a simple folder feature. Why not a physical GPU 3D render engine inside ZBrush? Why not a 2019 style interface ? A better handling for Zmodeler. A better UV system? And much more… I assume a lot of users expected to see that.
Maybe with an upcoming update this year? :wink:


P.S. I installed Zbrush 2019 today. The ZColor plugin and the folder design needs an UI-designer. On my retina the font of the plugin is blurred too. Further…the folder design is very irritating. Is there an option to view them as solid color folders? How can I integrate subfolders in a folder? How can all that happen, because you are very creative guys…? :slight_smile:

Hey There is this ready Now? to be upgraded, I curious because I dont see the Upgrade Link in the area of where my 2018 License is for it, please advise.

The release is currently scheduled for noon, Pacific time. You’ve got a few hours yet. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for another free update!

I already love how the NPR renderer is changing ZBC look.
Some interesting time is about to come!

Everything is more than welcome, even though not as sensational as usual.

Zremesher 3.0 looks promising, wonder if spirals are gone.
A reproject polyflow from reference subtool would have been something really as big for organic modellers than 3.0 is for hardsurface modellers. Maybe later? :slight_smile:

Spotlight Snapshot 3D is a nice tool - a Spline generator (as single subtool, no workarounds) with extrusions and Bezier for precision and a 3D Snapshot for boolean + cut above or below (in addition to not perfect working clip and trim), this would have been a monster party, imho.
zBrush curves are nice but still leaving the feeling of having a walk with a friendly but foreign big dog.

Folders are cool - but no undock?
Pen usability is cool, but an optional undock for resizing on an external monitor for better overview could have made organisation even much more convenient.

I already have missed intersection masker that much! Same with camera and color.

Thanks a ton!!

Thanks Appreciate the Help. Blessings To You