ZB3 CountDown thread


Still 15 :wink:

Actually, wouldn’t today be 14, as in 14 more days? Seems like the 15th of May, Z-Day, should be the zero mark, no?

It’s just enough time for Aurick to buy a truck load of valium and for Element5 to prepare for the onslaught. I am looking at ebay for a helmet I can send Aurick 8).

PS:I think people with more than 3460 Posts should get it a day earlier :lol: :rolleyes:

You would say that lol

So you’re sort of in line for it I guess. Sort of reminds me of something… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkSXWm6b9hg



14 btw…


Lol Bill! That movie was great!

Darn, it’s May already… In two weeks we will be sitting in front of a download screen cursing 'cause the server’s overloaded. I must say I’m beginning to feel the tension growing.
Had there been any news about the way we will be able to get Z3? Will we get an email or something?

I was looking back to how we got Z2…I spec there’ll be some kind of validation on your license first, wouldn’t think there’d be a lemo lottery :smiley:


I volunteer for the beta test of the distribution mechanism :smiley:

Yeah, and then post our results in a “Beta Distributions” thread, telling everyone we got Z3 on our computer. I wonder if we will get 5 stars…

I was just starting to learn Z2 when they made the announcement, I have essentially stopped running it in anticipation of z3. :+1:


You guys say 14, I say 13. On May 14th, I’ll be at 1 and you’ll be at 2…:cool:

You guys aren’t including the week and a half or so before you can actually activate Z3 because of Element5’s crappy customer support :slight_smile:

…for a new travel for mars? :lol:

What’s element5 ? Is it bad?

If it will take days to acquire Z3 after the release date I would like to know now, then I can prepare for it and ask my friends to peel my face of the monitor.

It’s May 3 down here… less then 2 weeks…

If it is released on May 15, what is the best guess on an individual
actually having it.
I am guessing June 1.

( edit: have to say that so far my dealings with element 5 have
been great. Seriously, great bunch.)

Well, chances are you only had to deal with them when you first bought Z2. When the 64 bit Z2 binaries were released, activating it through element5 was a nightmare. You figure the userbase who are on 64bit hardware is well below 50%, now imagine 100% of your userbase upgrading to Z3 at the same time. Let’s just hope Pixologic and Element5 have put their heads together on this one, or it’ll be a huge mess :slight_smile:

I think Element5 is the least of our worries - didn’t you see the other thread?
Z3 has been put back just one more month.

Just Kidding - but lol - you should have seen your faces :smiley:

you’ve almost killed me…