ZB3 CountDown thread

oh you evil bastard :lol:

i think they are aware of that, and hopefully this won’t happen anymore, else i had with other purchases over element5 never problems.

Btw i don’t think the problem was the amount of peoples that are upgraded, i mean el5 has many clients more for other Software ect, but they should stack the support part a bit up.

At the end are just human peoples behind every company.(nah not really) :wink:

How many registered Zbrush users would there be in the world?

How many Zbrush users does it take to render a light bulb?

Lemonnado how about this? Anyone who registerred before 2004? :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you get Z3 when it comes out? I just bought the retail version of Zbrush 2. I wrote the POP (proof of purchase) number inside big guide book the CD box came with. I don’t have my new PC yet and this means I dont have the program installed either.

I would assume it’s a digital download, but who knows. I seriously doubt Pixologic wants to hand mail about 50,000 Z3 discs for free :slight_smile:

So its the 6th today … so 9 more to go :slight_smile: right? O.o

We ARE getting closer. Now is the time to get some exercise and fresh air, spend time with your loved ones, feed your pets, do some chores…
Because after May 15th we’ll be busy with Z3!!

Lol! Last night I dreamed that Z3 had come out a week earlier! My desktop portrayed the happy news in shining images, and going to ZCentral I saw countless threads by enthousiastic people exclaiming how cool Z3 was. Then I thought: “But how do I get it?”. Opening Zbrush it turned out that Pixologic had already updated my old version into Z3. I could start right away!! :eek:
That was the moment I awoke: dreams are bastards.:mad: So, I still haven’t played with Z3 and can’t reveal cool new tools and techniques from the subconscious realm… :frowning:

Well not including today we have 8 whole days left. I hope I got my computer built in time.

Has it actualy been said that pixologic will use element5 for this download?

Funny :slight_smile: … 8 Days to go !!

I see the bottom row flooded with red…everyone is going to want to play with that new material.

Wouldn’t it be funny if no one used it for the first couple of days? Talk about confusion at Pixologic! :lol: :lol: :lol:

How many days until the Mac version??? :frowning: :rolleyes: :confused: :cry:

7 !! 0.0

This will be the longest week ever!

6 !

5 !!!

:slight_smile: dang right !!

What are we counting, by the way?