Hi All ,

here is some of my personal works , I wanted to share with you
created in zbrush , the final compositing is in Photoshop

the first model98%Zbrush4r3
hope you like it

The albino warrior

warrior test.jpg

face creature.jpg
Black slime
crea cg.jpg
bust alien2
bust alien.jpg
Alien fanart

old stuff
bust alien
bust alien2.jpg
The gardian
the ghardian.jpg

Thanks for your time

Ali Zafati

Available for freelance


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what were alien , alien2, black slime, rabbit, rendered in?

great work.
Any wip shots/info on how you proceed for your textures? On the albinos Warrior for example?

Great stuff! Love the designs and the sculpts. Very well done.


waooohhh !! :smiley:
models are looking so cool
even renders have come out well :+1:

Really Great work!!!

Great works!
The first one is impressive, your use of the fibers for small body hair and fur and his clothes is impressive!

Can you share some tips about fibermesh?


Awesome works !

Nice works/ I have to always come back here, all these eye candy gems to feast on.

Amazing stuff!

top row for sure^^


You are a very accomplished render artist. Nice work!

Me likey very much!
You have some really nice renders here, I should definitely try to learn how to render!

Wooo - nice job! Keep up the great work! :+1:

Awesome concepts, sculpts and renders - thanks for sharing -> Top Row imho!!!

Badass job on the model / rendering man. The anatomy of the first monster is really believable and brings him to life, well done.

beautiful creatures!
i love your sculpting hand!

Amazing work!

Really nice work!! Keep it up!!