woah! Love the mass in all of your creatures. I especially like the first character, the teeth coming out of the metal chin part looks cool. :slight_smile:

I like the first model a lot.

Really glad you made it on here Zafati buddy, really astonishing work man!:+1:
Totally love your creature designs, they are really bad ass! Definantly keep them going and continue having so much fun with zbrush!
All the best,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Excellent stuff! Very impressive.

Top row stuff! Great fur/fiber! Especially on the Albino warrior! Would love to see your tutorial on this!

You have some great concepts here, very inspiring!! Really solid sculpting all around great thread!

Excellent stuff :+1: Very nice renders and characters. The profile of the man makes me want to see a George Carlin bust made… someone get on it!

Your stuff looks like the things in my nightmares…so awesome and creepy. Love the texturing, materials, and rendering that went into each piece. Some of the best work that I’ve seen on the forum.

Wow, I think I may have a new favorite artist here! Superb imagination and talent.

This thread definitely belongs in the Top Row.


thank you very much for your kind comments! I’m very glad you like it, I post a little making of today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

pabgo:zbrush render,thank you!

Great Work!!

hi all,

this is same WIP and settings,i hope i didn’t forget anything,and will be useful in your own projects :slight_smile:

Thanks pixologic for your new features!

sorry for my english


making fiber2.jpg

lighting render settings.jpg



I hope you like it !


making fiber2.jpg

lighting render settings.jpg

This is really awesome, and huge kudos for sharing the knowledge!

WOOOW, very nice works, hope I can do it too…

Art! Who needs other 3d platform to get a great render for the final image. Awesome work and thanks for this essential breakdown

Loving it, thanks so much for the breakdown, helps alot of people!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Thanks a lot. Very usefull.

Man, I second this motion. TOP ROW, TOP ROW, TOP ROW!!

Thank you for the great infos, I’ll try soon your tips about fibers on my current project!

Congrats for the top row and keep up with the good job!

Amazing work and thanks for taking the time to share your settings!


Best regards,