Zach character challenge:

The challenge: to build from this model (that i started, but never got around to finishing.), and incorporate it into a setting/situation of your choice. i will include the .ZTL file(.zip); and the image of the model is below. good luck!

(Note it was modeled from a cylinder, in the finished piece, i would expect the model to have hands/clothes/hair/etc... also note that this is my first model, and so this should be seen as a noob peice.) The model is located [here](http://www.filesupload.com/getfile.php?files=eggteas%20zach%20challenge.zip&dir=&user=eggtea) it's a .zip file(to big to upload here*)


NonCommercial-ShareAlike license*



Here you go.


I cant get the file to open. It downloaded without an extention so I added a .ztl to the filename. Zbrush gave the message that there was a problem with the file. It wouldn’t open as a zbrush document either.

Rename it to .zip, and extract the ztl file.

I’m working on it. I think there were just too many polygons in the original.

There were quite a few yes. Since Zach’s tool is still a parametric object though, you can use the optimize slider to reduce the number of polygons. I found that helpful.

BTW, thanks to Zach for sharing.

I’m a bit of a Zbrush noob still too, so I didn’t actually realize that. I converted it to a polymesh and reconstructed the lower levels. Heh.

Here’s what I made it into. It should correspond in all parts to the original model.

Say, would it be possible at this point to load one object as the morph target of the other, so as to prove that one object was derived from the other?
Since both objects derive from the same primitive then if they have the same number of smooths then they should have the same topology, so I figure somehow between Zbrush and 3DS Max a morph ought to be possible, but is it? And is it possible specifically in Zbrush? – Because I don’t know if Max can handle the poly count of the final object.

Good job!

If you had stored a morph target before making your changes you could have done that. Otherwise I don’t know if it’s possible.

if you haven’t changed the polys or vert orders in any way you should be able to store a morph at any level. I had some fun sometime back taking a base head and upping the subds and did a little detailing then stored a mt at the highest level, saved the tool. then reloaded the original low poly one cloned it a few times and changed their basic layouts…for instance one I took a row of verts and pulled them down into the head so it looked like someone took an axe to it…and various others and saved them as objs.

then reloaded the subd’d mt one and imported the different base meshes in for kicks to see how it changed the look of the highest level…made for some very interesting characters…was lots of fun to do.

I flipped my image so the face was facing to the right. And a previously hidden ‘z’ was revealed.

Coincidence? I think not.


hmmm a freudian zlip?

This is what I thought it looked like.
David frank1.jpg

Very nice Pride.

Yeah, that’s really cool. I thought of that too. Nice surface detail. I see you couldn’t think of any more to do with the ears than I could.

Now, don’t have a cow, but here’s another take on what the model reminded me of…

Aye carumba!

:+1: :+1:

hahah wildsketch…was wondering how long it take…cool man.




Here is something I made in less than 1 hour…

i am still a newbie…excuse the crappy quality :smiley: