Zach character challenge:

Soap Bubble anyone?!

PS:Your original looks 100% like Teller from Penn&Teller! Teller in the Can that is hahaha.

That’s subtle. :+1:

Wow Lemo. I like.
Grashupfer, great stuff for a newbie (just like me) . I’ve not even had a go thinking that I’m so crap I’d end up with a pile of too-emabarrasing-to-show.

Craig, just doodle around with it. The point of challenges like this is to do something you think you cannot attempt and then pass that boundary, surprise yourself with SOME result and share that surprise! Go and make something out of it, get out of your comfort zone! Whatever you do, all will see your effort. And if it’s really really crappy, we’ll have some comments to get you up to speed ;).

Thanx Lemo. Good point. Like you say, one of the problems I have is that I tend to drop something when it gets a bit ‘uncomfortable’. I’ll download it now then I guess.

Great! Just set the intensity of the Z commands low and take your time. With settings above 10-15 things tend to go ‘downhill’ fast… So 8-10 is alright for starters and then have a blast with move and add…
just my 2c… Just go and play!

Thanx once again for your advice. I’ve actually just popped back to say that, after finally downloading him, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing to Zach. He isn’t though, that’s him screaming in the background.
Right…back to the amazing ZBrush…THANX AGAIN.

I did not have time to tackle the body and clothes but he looked like he needed a top hat to me. No time to texture so I just made him metal and threw a couple of eyes at him. Fun to do though.:+1:


Cool Blaine!

Yeah, great work Blaine. That’s an interesting style you have there. There are plenty of crisp edges.

Craig Ward: I say go for it. I thought the challenges were to give you practice. That’s how I take 'em. Practice makes perfect.

Lemonado, Wildsketch - Thanks for the coments.

ANYBODY - How would you go about making string with the loop-tied end (as above) in ZBrush ?

Well the simple solution would probably be to draw it on after you’ve baked the layers. You would need to start by placing a plane 3d, with flat color material at the very back of the document in order to give yourself something to draw on later. Then when you put your 3D object in the canvass it will snap to the position of the plane and be half embedded in it. You’ll need to use the move tool outside of edit mode to move it in front of the plane. When you are finished composing your scene bake the layer, and then with a 2D brush just draw the string.

Nice Job. :+1: I’m glad you decided to play along with us.

So how did you go about making the string? And did you place the eyes in zbrush or another program?

Thanx. I actually drew the string in Photshop 7. The eyes were put in in ZBrush though. I drew the 1st Zach (red) then put each eye in then did the same with the yellow zach.
I’ve also got to say…I’m really glad I had a go. I enjoyed it !!!

way to go Craig!! And you weren’t even gonna give it a go!

you could use zspheres to make your string.:smiley:

ZSpheres too…OF COURSE. Doh ! Thanx.

HAHAHA Great one!!! Good Job, I love it hahaha. I thought about Baloons but stuck to my soap bubbles while fiddling with the material.

PS:You can also use the Ziffworm Addon to make very nice robe constructions which follow a drawn path.

Thanx Lemo. I’ve got the ziffworm plugin as it goes…i’ll give that a go too.

wonderfull Craig :+1:

Thanx Blaine.