Z4 Beta Testing By: Marco Menco (Nudity)

Hey guys,

once again Pixologic impressed me as an artist and as a professional building some really amazing new features that are seriously going to make artists' imagination run free. For the image I completed I used some old geometries that I had done before jumping between Zbrush, sculpting-retopo and Maya for fixes and new ones that I mostly created out of the Shadowbox which to me is one of the best the new features. So here I'm going to share some steps of the work-flow I used during this betatesting-time. This is the final image, I hope you like it:




here are other views of the model:

As I said before most of the props have been done using Shadowbox and then the new Clipping brushes.

Here is an Xposed view of the model in all its subtools:









I was also testing the render options that you have to make a nice presentation of your model in less time as possible. So now we have the Best-preview Render option which it wasn’t available before, but even with the “zbrush old school render” it was possible to have pretty cool results with Fog and Best Render. Of course now you can have both playing together and achieve some really interesting results.




Amazing work Marco! Thanks for sharing!

yeah that’s just great, well done man!

evil character, man - using xplode on him is a cool idea! hahaha!


hey marco!

great model. as always.
i’m really looking forward to try those render passes, for myself.


grassetti: cheers mate, really glad you like it!

PascalR: thanks a lot man! I hope you’ll like playing with the new features!

chemkid: thank you! :slight_smile:

rasmusW: you’ll see, you’re gonna like them a lot! cheers :+1:

couple more views of the WIP




i’m really loving that wip grab with the dramatic lighting. great work!

I really like that lighting too. And the carved-in ornaments on the table are a nice touch. This is a solid illustration :+1:

Marco i love this work, im excited about your outstanding work. I will love if you can put more tips about the “details”(dont get me wrong) verything is a msterpiece! like glass and so on…:+1:

My dear friend…is always a pleasure for my eyes watch your creations… :wink: :+1:

awesome work!

thank youuuuuu so much, you guys made my day :slight_smile:

great work ! i really like his expression !

I’m eagerly waiting for the mail with the upgrade instruction :slight_smile:

thanks a lot! you’ll see it’s gonna be great!

hi guys,
here is just some wip of my new character. He’s gonna be a giant wearing a tree trunk on his head and other wooden stuff that I’m still in the process of designing…
hope you’ll like it.


That’s a really interesting idea and a good approach. Just keep swinging details on him that helps give away his massive size.