Z-Pix by Jempix

I haven’t posted much in a long while, so I thought I’d share some of my zbrush work (rather than it just sit in some random folder in my computer).

Guy Gardner: Green Lantern
I actually saw the comicon challenge a little too late :frowning: but I still had fun working on this GUY. I used the new BPR render in Z4 with multiple passes, and of course PS.


nice Luminosity on the hand, and its a great drawing point for the eye to the face.

not sure if the hair is based off of reference, but it seems a bit awkward on his head.

other than that good job.

… and heres a turnaround



Here is another DC alumni. I wanted to play with the transparency rendering, so I made his skin more of a shell, with exposed mechanics underneath.

I had to use other comps to bring out the desired effect.





… and a turnaround. Again I used BPR and comped it in PS.




oh man, i love guy gardner, great job. Perfectly captured his attitude in the face, and great work on the wrinkles.

Excellent, jempix. Looking forward to more.

This stuff is amazing! Really, exquisite! Love Amazo’s facial expression, full of emotion. Rendering looks awesome too :slight_smile:

I decided to revisit this model, and wanted to do a decent render. I wasn’t happy with the original head, so I remade this one from a polysphere.
Again I used the Best Preview Render and an additional mat with fresnel.




Great sculpts! :+1:

thx for the comments…

btw here is another concept that I am working on. Yes, another soldier possibly in space :wink:
I want to give him some context in a posed scene.

Polypainted Zbrush render of the head. It was created from a polysphere.



Keep Rocking!

WOW!!! realy impressive stuff

Great Great work dudde!!!

Great! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

really diggin the poly painted head. very nice

I finally managed to complete the soldier. Its been a while since I rendered anything in max, so I decided to do a completed composition. The background was made in Max. I used volume light to create the mood.
The dude was posed/uv mapped in Zbrush. I then exported a decimated version to render in Max. The passes were then comped in Photoshop, along with some touch ups.


:+1:Great modeling, lighting and render! Perhaps the face too should have more contrasting light and shadow.

Great sculpts : nice posture and flow :sunglasses: :+1: !

Nice work Jason! :slight_smile: