Z-Knight(GoZ fun + realtime render)

Hi, got a few time to experiment the new Goz. its really awsome to be able to modify an existing mesh and preserve its details…

I got an old head I started with. I decided to extend the chest a bit. worsos really well…


I decided to add a bit of hard sculpting so I quickly modeld a simple soulder piece. As it came along well, I decided to push it further. I quickly add fine engravings.





I’m working on a realtime version of this model, that I will post for download.

By the time here’s how the textured high res turned out (Zbrush render)

[attach=236291]screenshoots final h.jpg[/attach]

And heres a non textured version:

[attach=236292]sculpt final.jpg[/attach]



screenshoots final h.jpg

sculpt final.jpg

Didn’t really play with the new GOZ that much but these results are really good. Detailing is really good as usual Sebcesoir. Thanks for sharing :+1:

Looking good so far. Love the armor!

awesome zbrush render…lovely stuff

Cool, but I don’t thing the armor would really be worn over bare skin.

Really nice! What technique did you use for the detailing in the armor?

Is that ZBrush 4’s new deco brush shown at http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/features/zbrush4/paint-and-show/ ?

No actually its very simple, I just masked everything but the areas where I wanted the details.
I went in projection master and stamped a floral ornament. I did this on both sides of the armor.
Once drope, I pushed a bit those areas a bit deeper in the armor.


Love it!!! Always great stuff. I will be putting up some things soon as well.


Simple and effective.

looks very good so far mate, keep it up!

Beautiful – nice rim-lighting & render.

Another beautiful piece. Very nice and balanced details.

I like the render version!! :+1:

Très beau portrait plein d’humanité.

Awesome - looks fantastic :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
I am again speechless…

Massive…i have a doubt…

How do you apply this engraving without being smoothed…because i’ve tried here and looks like a low poly, with blur at the borders…can you help me ?


Thats strange you have blurred details…

When you draw your mask, make sure you have focal shist set to the lowest, so you draw very sharp mas. Worse case you can sharpen is in the mask option.
Disable the pespective for projection master, and disable the normalise otpion.
It should project sharp details if you have enaugh resolution.

I made a realtime version of this character, using the free Neoaxis grame engine.
its a very nice engine, you can customise to test your ingame content.
Fallowing the advised of a firend, I tunrned the engraving in golden using cavity mask, almost instantly!

I also added the package if you want to try it at home:


[attach=236463]realtime h.jpg[/attach]


realtime h.jpg

Lovely work! :+1: