Z-Carrier Crew

Hello again!
This is my new work, a carrier crew.
I used anguyens head to start. I tweaked the low res in maya to match my constraints, UVseted it.
Here’s the base I sculpted to begin. More to come soon!


Hey Seb, Looking good.
What ever happened to that tutorial?
Still waiting;)
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Hey Sebcesoir lookn’ good. Is this something you’re working on for Rainbow Six or something else.

Excellent as usual, sebcesoir:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: - he lives in a loud environment, right?


Great work as always from you.

Looking forward to seeing the end result. Your lines are always so crisp.


Small update, I tweaked the proportions and steup facial pose.

Definitively loud env guy!

Voodoo, its on progress :wink:


Nice ear Seb… :smiley:

Await the continuation.


Great expression there, Seb - very good understanding of the upper orbicularis
Really feel the anguish he’s suffering :smiley:


Nice that you feel it with the expression! With front wrinkle it will add nore…

I’ve started sculpting the face, add some skinpore and wrinkle on the eyes.

Here’s an early texturing step (too hard on cavity…) :


going to be cool :slight_smile:

Awesome texture!! Love it :smiley:

thats beautifull work! really well done, very realistic. cant wait to see more.

(mumps?) :smiley:


Hey the guy who put 3 stars, the hears are not done!

I dig those ears, this is the most courageous ear design I’ve ever seen :lol:
seriously the model looks very nice so far

not too convinced with the color map though, I’ve never been convinced with photobased color maps actually.
it gives fast descent results so I’ve used it sometimes for short deadlined pro work.
but it makes no sense artisticaly to me since even if you clean the lighting information as much as you can, it will never match your lighting/environment realisticly it’s just impossible for obvious reasons.
and above all it always hides the modeling work, and gives wrong volume information on details.
hope to see a painted color map on one of your models, so it gives it more justice. :wink:

keep going!

Ho, “la soupe aux choux” haha excellent i have not thinking at this…Love the expression.

Keep it up man.


PS : Ho and five stars for the ear only.:lol:

Je pense que j’ai besoin de relocater(? wrong?) a Paris parce que le plus des magnifique artistes sont las bas.
(Sorry, that’s my poor french)

WRONG!!! huhu :wink: relocater >>>> Délocaliser in french. And for response Uknow find a work in Paris are really hard.:confused: Currently France is a little in crisis at this moment. Let us hope that starts again soon.:wink:


Yeah france sux a bit those days!

Thats why you see so much french in Canada!
Maya, thx for the spelling lol

Here’s an udate.
Pretty advanced sculpting of the face :

I still have the hairs, beard and leeps to do…crew05l.jpg

hehe, well but the difficulty for me is >>>> I leave at Paris.:confused:
other than that nice sculpt details Seb.