Z-Carrier Crew

Wow looking really great Seb! Love that expression :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m almost done with the face sculpting, I still have tone of work on the helmet and other stuffs…


Coming along real nice! :wink:

Hey Sebastien, great inspirational work as usual:+1:
liking the eyes a lot

one small thing that seems to disappear is this definition above the upper lip.
it may be due to his certain facial expression, is it?


SEB : When I look at your works , I always wonder how you get such sharp and clear details , so typical of your works.

Fx81 : you definitively right, I lost this part during the epxression modeling phase…

KKV : I start to have a very good knowledges on zbrush, so I developped my own workflow to keep extremly precise details, based on masking.

You will se the progress of the helmet…

Here’s the first step of the helmet


Spot on!

Squinting from the bright sun - nice expression.

Look forward to the texture and finish.

:+1: :+1:

When I first saw this picture I knew that it was one of your work.
Great job again Seb ! :+1:

Hi seb,
great head as ever :slight_smile:

How did you do the border of the helmet? I tested it with inflat and smooth under deformation but it looks not as good as yours :cry:

Thank you for the compliment Gpepper! It mean that even by doing realistic stuffs, I’m geetting my own recognisable style!

Few more details drawing the cap shape :


looking great Seb! did you use bump map for the pore and the wrinkle on the forehead ?

Great work and details Sebcesoir!


For the skinpore I used a custome alpha, but I have to redo it, because I lost a lot of details…

I can see its gonna be AWESOME!!! :smiley: Great job so far!

That is the real expression on the face and i like the skin.

The man of the details :+1:

very nice work, …as always


One more step…
The more I advanced, the farther I feel from the end :confused: