Yutaka Kasama's Sketchbook

Hello there,

I’m gonna post my art works on this thread from today. This is my first original 3d character “The Space warrior” done in 2012. If you wanna see this character’s WIP thread that’s here.

[http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?167824-The-space-warrior&p=993047&viewfull=1#post993047](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?167824-The-space-warrior&p=993047&viewfull=1#post993047Thanks for looking!)

Thanks for looking!


Hi There!

This is a personal work done in mid 2015. I just wanted to sculpt an Orc that looks like powerful.
Thanks for looking and hope you like it!

Hello again,

This project was made for demonstrate to CG technical college students in Japan Oct.2015. I had sculpt this for around 6 hours. And I demonstrated to them how to sculpt from the concept image in another day. Rendering in KeyShot, editing post effect and concept drawing in Photoshop.

Excellent. I love the space warrior

cool stuff! great to see you posting again.
i remember your space warrior. great character.

looking forward for more from you.


Thanks comments guys! And I’m so grad you remember me rasmusW ! Yes, I’ll post more art work constantly in the future … maybe ;-p

Hello everyone !

This is the latest personal work. The first and second one is rendered in KeyShot, third one is a screen shot in ZBrush BPR. Hope you like it!

good job


Hello everyone.
This character was made for the Sculpt Meister 2016 of the CEDEC. That is a famous game developers conference in Japan. And the Sculpt Meister is a live sculpting session of the CEDEC. Most parts of this character were made before the live performance. I made only right creature hand in the time. And then I upgraded him a little bit after that. The session thema was “Hero or Villain” so I made him as a hero former villain, It’s kind of a dark hero. He breaks your day or he gives you a daybreak. It’s up to you…
[FONT=arial]Sculpting in ZBrush, texturing in ZBrush Poly paint, rendering in KeyShot and editing in Photoshop.

Hope you like it !

Some more render shots on Keyshot.

Hello everyone !
This project had been updated.
Added more details on clothes and modified shapes of his body.
Because I had a chance to make some bigger size render images for a video of the Sculpt Meister 2016.
The video will might be release soon. And then I’ll let you know when it’s released.

Awesome Bro! I love the pose


really cool character and great pose.


Thanks guys !
I’m so glad you like this pose. Because this pose was one of the most difficult parts in this project.
But thanks to the difficulty pose, It was a good study for human anatomy.

Very nice piece – cool concept and really well executed!

nice sculpt man !!

Thanks a lot guys !!
And I added more detail on the creature arm for close up.

Wow, that’s some intense detail in that infected arm. Are you actually sculpting all of that, or are you using a really good alpha? Very curious. It seems that would take forever to sculpt without some kind of alpha-help. Beautiful work regardless!

I used the Spot Light with a concept image for the primely detail sculpting. I know that little bit strange workflow.
But why I followed the workflow is the arm was sculpted in the live sculpt session in the CEDEC which is the most famous game developers conference in Japan. So I wanted to show a strange workflow for the audience.
And secondly and tertiary detail ware sculpted by freehand mostly. Ofcourse I wish I could use nice alpha texture if I have it, but unfortunately I hadn’t have it as match with my imagination.
And then surface detail which kind of a surface noise was used some alphas that made by B2M from photo images of a pelvis of elephant. I attached two alphas of the pelvis so if you like it you can use it. But I’m sorry these are not tiling textures.