Yutaka Kasama's Sketchbook

Hi all

The Hooded Fighter has been updated.
Rendering was done in V-Ray and hair using Xgen Interactive groom. Texturing in MARI.
Details were sculpted manually in Zbrush of course and enhanced using Surface Mimic tillable and not tillable maps. You can check the sculpt work in my plevious post. And I’m still rendering other shots so I’ll post them when it’s done.

Hope you like it !!!


very nice posts mate :+1:

Thank you Jhon!

And here is the latest ZB screen shots. I changed his shoe design from original to Converse.




Really strong use of the whole medium pipeline. Very nice work, and thank you for the info on the process.

Thanks comment Tristan. I’m so glad you said that !

And now I finally finished to make the full camera turnaround render of the Hooded fighter.
Hope you like it !!

If you have a time, please check the turnaround video.

I updated the Space Warrior project. I finally made a pose for this character. That was requested from some guys, but now I could do this 5 years later.
I have to say Thank you for your feedback.

The original thread is here.

Hope you like it !

And please see both full camera & the bust-up camera turnaround videos if you have a time.