Yaksha Comics Launched

Nochex is one of, if not the most well known UK based online payment services. Selling your comics on Amazon would solve the problem though. I buy stuff from there all the time, Amazon.co.uk anyways :wink:

I’ve built up some anticipation now, and really want to buy your comics! When you get some alternative payment methods I’ll buy a subscription for definite mate :wink:

Angel I am trying to put it up on amazon but I doubt I will be able to because they want my comic to have an International book number and all that, which isnt possible for me right now. if I get my comics printed at the end of year then obviously I can go through all that process.

I am still waiting for a reply from amazon though
Will you prefer ebay ? I know its like paypal only. :frowning: lols

I am finding about the transaction fees of http://www.nochex.com/ as well.

Ok angel problem

nochex wont allow me as it works only for UK sellers

amazon wont work because the minimum rate is 2$

Can you wire transfer me ?

Find out from your bank you can wire that low amount or not ? ask them also is there any other way too ?

I will find a way to securely deliver the comic to you.]

give me your email


Even though I know you don’t have the subscription completely worked out yet, I’d like to buy that If I could please :smiley:

I’ll email you with my email address. Haven’t the foggiest idea how to wire money though? :confused: How about actually posting you the money? While were working out ways to transfer payment it could be on it’s way to you via good old snail mail :smiley:

You considered selling your comics on cd rom? Maybe once you have half a dozen issues or so it would be worth considering. With a cover artwork, inlay etc, and maybe make it a special edition of some kind? I Dunno, just an idea :lol:

Angel do something for now buy it from 2co. I am currently more concerned about sales then money.

I am in the process of hiring a postbox number in my local postoffice, so that I can have more security regarding snail mails.

That way I will be able to ask for checks as well .

Yes I have plans to come out with printed novel at end of a year( 6 issues on bimonthly basis) and also a cd.

After one round is over I hope to be in the position to publish it on a monthly basis.

So subscriptions will be viable only after I come out with first three issues. Angel please wait till then.

Give me your email address though through PM.

Tartan you dont even prefer 2co ?

Send me your email will have a talk directly.


Thanks Angel

Do promote my comics around.

I hope not everyone in England hates paypal. :wink:

well marcus bought it yesterday through it.


At last, I got the 2CO payment to work! Sorry this means your basically giving the comic away, but as you know, I consider paypal as evil :angry: :laughing:

Just finished reading it, fantastic work Sunny :+1: It’s quite obvious the amount of time and effort you’ve put into this mate, well done :wink: The vedic mathematics page at the end had me fascinated. Math’s is something I struggled with at school, even today as an adult I have to really put my mind to it, I’d go as far as to say I probably have dyscalculia. 2 + 2 = 22, see what I mean? :cry: :laughing: But the vedic method made total sense to me :smiley:

I’m saving ‘Ancient India Facts Vol 1’ until tomorrow :wink:

I think your style and and story telling abilities are perfectly suited to childrens books. It’s the sort of book I’d imagine even parents would enjoy themselves as they read it to their kids. So many kids books nowadays are a measly 5 - 10 pages long with zero story and very little text. Kids want more than that, and I think the characters and world you’ve created provide them with infinitely more than that, Sunny :smiley:

Have you contacted any publishers? Indian culture is very popular over here in th UK, especially so at the moment. Everyone knows we love Indian food in the UK! :smiley: I think your stories would go down really well over here.

Anyways, I wish you all the best mate, and hope to see this published and in bookshops :+1:

Hey Angel

That is a big review , I have to extract lines to use it on my site. :lol:

Did you like it ? forget children .

I need to know atleast I have one more person (after lemo) who is ready to buy my subscriptions lols :slight_smile: :wink:

I will go into printing only if it becomes very popular because when it does I will publish it myself. :slight_smile: Do not want to bother about running after any publishing company.

Though after one year all the comics will be printed together in one graphic novel.

Do let me know about the ancient facts one too ?


Oh yes mate I love it, and I’m a bloke of 31 years old! Thought I made that clear!? :smiley:

I really do think you should consider contacting some publishers though. What harm could it do?


even if I have to approach a publisher, they wont listen to me untill I show them that I have good number of people reading my comics.

That needs to be in thousands, so if I am able to have that number of readers i will be able to publish it myself with all legalities and send it for sale to different bookshops all over the world.

The point is that it should be in bookshops so pray for me and help me promote it and I will see that it reaches bookshops all over the world.



Got my copy :smiley:

Got it through Paypal no problem.

I really enjoyed it Sunny, I was smiling all through, and many thanks for the Ancient India facts.
Congratulations on completing such a mammoth project !!
You deserve every success with it.

I look forward to the next episode :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

Sorry been out of touch as my city was effected by a cyclone.

No electricity, streets covered with water and accompanied by heavy showers :frowning:

could not come online for 2 days now.

Thanks ss810 for liking my comics.

Second issue script is half done , hope to complete it soon, then will be free to work on the proposed Zcomic. :wink:


here are few of the artworks which I created but did not used it in the comic. Guys you tell me is thiese lokking good enough for use as a wallpaper ?


Hey Wicked,
I am hoping no one got hurt in the cyclone you guys had. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to the forum but i have had my hands full. I would add more to your wallpaper. perhaps one of the characters centerpiecing it. Expect an email from me sometime tomorrow or Wendsday.

…can be a wallpaper!
Depends of the sense of taste of anyone :wink:


He is angry I didnt included him in the comic. ;(

Lightning struck my cable internet guys dish.

Destroyed his setup and also burned my lan card.

I mean it is still not back on track and I am here at my brothers place for checking my mails.

Will get back to you people soon, hope atleast.



Man, your having some bad luck mate :confused: Good job your such a determined and driven kinda bloke :wink:

i realy dont like this project.:td:

best of luck to you thou

No offence man, but that’s a bit mean. Some constructive citicism, maybe, but a straight ‘I don’t like this project’ comment is a tad lazy and totally unhelpful mate.

I’m not into cartoony stuff. But I can appreciate Sunnys efforts, talent and style, despite it not normally being to my own personal taste.

have no intention to be mean.
and I guess criticism should always be constructive.
however. there is so much I don’t like here so I think my only constructive advice is to start the whole thing from scratch. if you do I will cheer for you.

and hack - if your making money out of this, then the hell what other thinks.
im sorry if I offended you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: