Yaksha Comics Launched

Ok people heres the launch of my ecomics.

All are invited. Yaksha - The lost city of Kubera Vol. 1 Issue 1 By Sunny Kapoor The first issue of the biggest adventure in ancient India is here. [color=black]It is a story of three diverse creatures, brought together for the completion of a destined quest. A brave Rabbit, a dumb Lizard and a gold savvy Yaksha. With them they bring the magic of ancient mythology of India. Want your child to know about Indian mythology without indulging in blood and violence? Want to spend some time laughing on the antics of these three creatures and how they tackle obstacles in their path? Then and only then is this comic for you. Read at your own risk
The creator is not responsible for any uncontrollable burst of giggles and laughter. [color=Black]

ONLY $ 1.25/- USD

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 7






I just got my copy and read it while having my morning coffee…

It’s GREAT!!! 5 Stars!

The first ZBrush Comic I ever saw. And all the cool information regarding the Indian mythology. I really like it a lot.

Guy’s you have to get that one!

Good Job and a great achievement! I know you worked hard on that and it paid of! To be completely honest… I did not expect THIS when I downloaded it.

More then THIRTY Pages Comic, PLUS a Myth Guide!

Best 1.25$ spend EVER!

The best of luck and gratulations again for the great achievement. Not easy to put all this together!


SUNNY , Congratulations !!! Looking forward to more of this in the near future .

Thanks guys.

I have more plans for this zbrush community. Just waiitng for a confirmation from Pixolator and Ryan.

I am planning to create a short comic for all of you in the Zbrush community.

In my first issue the main characters will be Pixol, Ryan and Aurick.

With time I will even add more famous members here like Lemo, Mytholon, Marcus, Frenchy , myself and many many more as we progress.

It will be provided free on these forums, so that all of you can have a laugh around. :slight_smile:

If any one wanna support me in this then please let me know.

My plan is to create in pure black and white and focus on the humor part more but that can change if some senior members support me.

Do give me a feedback on my comics as well as the proposed ZCOMIC idea.


Lol, sounds fun! But here is a message from my Wife:

Finish the next issue first… She is waiting!

You have your first die hard fan!

Lols lemo then I should talk with your wife directly heeee :smiley:

Dont worry thats on top of my priority list. Zcomic will be done in the free time.


With time I will even add more famous members

…it’s easy : here my face : I don’t want any other one :lol:
And in a B&W story it will be more some comic :smiley:
I lend you the model (sorry it’s just a 2.5 D image, I never made the 3D with that :wink:


Lol Frenchy… I leave it completely up to him to decide what a ‘Lemo’ looks like 8-)))))).

Ok guys

the first issue will be on ryan, aurick and pixol, I will create them the way i percieve them, so if you like my perception after viewing the first issue then allow me to create all of you, or else give me your own designs :slight_smile: lols

Well done mate, looks interesting. I think your first issue should have been free, but that’s just me, I’m a totally skinflint :smiley: The FREE ‘Ancient India Facts’ isn’t actually free either, becuase you have to buy the comic to get it! :rolleyes:

When 2.5 is ‘eventually’ released I think there’ll be a bit of an explosion of Zbrush created comics, with the new posing features.

You got there first though, wckedsunny :wink: At least I don’t know of any Zbrush created comics?

Angelstein… skinflint… yes you are… It’s a great comic for not even a british pound… Sighhhh… don’t bring shame over the europeans ;-).

I think I’ll buy a few more next time to give them away to a few kid’s in my neighborhood! I bet Angelstein is selling his copy on ebay soon to dampen the loss :lol: :lol: :lol:


Skinflint and proud of it! I virtually sold my soul buying my copy of Zbrush a couple of months back. I still mourn the empty space in my wallet :cry:

I’ve been browsing/reading through wckedsunnys site, and I think I will splash out though, it works out at less than 80p I’m guessing :smiley: Last of the big spenders eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if he offers a discount for Zbrush forum members? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Got this weird error when ordering. I only have a free gmail web address, and that’s the one I entered, maybe that’s what botched it up? :confused: :cry:

Order Failed

Sorry, your order failed.

Error: Do Not Honor

Angel a part of my brain told me to give it free , but other part reminded me of all the debts on my head which I took for launching site, 2co membership and I just bought ssl certificates so that people can be more secure about the transaction. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

2CO gives that error sometimes.

Just wait an hour I am adding paypal as well, so it will be relief for all of you there who don’t want to enter their financial information through 2co and can just use paypal ,provided you have a paypal account.

Discount ?

according to my knowledge a coke /pepsi can in US is more costlier than my comics ? I mean how much more discount you need? buy one comic and one coke and enjoy it while reading my comic. Wont cost you much.

Atleast less then that can of intoxicating beer.:roll_eyes:small_orange_diamond:p:)

Heh, I was just trying to be funny suggesting a discount. A discount on 70p would be ridiculous! Like I said, I wasn’t serious mate :smiley:

Paypal is evil, I don’t use it anymore :confused: I will try purchasing it again though. Can the comic be emailed to a gmail account? That was the reason I assumed it didn’t work, as it states not to use a free email service, but I tried my free gmail account anyways!

I like your site by the way. Very professionally put together, looks great also :wink:

It worked just fine with my trustied Visa Card and my gmail account.

PS:I think a 6 month or annual subscription should be there as well. Would be fun to regularly receive that publication or a download link in the mailbox.

Angel wasnt “I” funny too ? lols :wink:

Why do you think paypal is evil ? every one is aksing me to install paypal because they dont want to input thier creditcard info everytime.

More over I am going to remove 2co, they have increased thier transaction fee to 1$+ for every transaction that means I wont be earning even 20% of that 1.25 $.

I will keep it only for people from countries where paypal doesn’t work.

I cant ask you to pay me from paypal only but it will be better if you dont pay me from 2CO or your money wont reach me.:confused:small_orange_diamond:(

If you dont have a choice then just buy it through to 2co.


let me come out with 3-4 issues and I will come out with subscriptions as well. I just need some flow of cash and a proper setup so that i can run subscriptions smoothly.

hope to get it done as fast as possible.

Ok guys paypal is up.

You can buy my comics through paypal or 2CO.

I prefer paypal.

Do try it out, you wont be dissappointed.


I just checked it out Sunny :slight_smile: didnt have time before. Well done web site and yes I think aimed at children is right on target. I would like to see your facts relating to indian gods expanded on. Thats something that will attract educators if done right. I dont use pay pal etc but will be glad to send you a western union which I am fairly sure they have there. i would like to see it also. keep up the good work :slight_smile: :+1:

Paypal is evil, believe me, they offer absolutely no protection, other than a secure transaction. I had a dispute with them a couple of years back, never used them since, and never will again.

2CO are taking the piss with those charges! I’d sooner give my stuff away than be ripped off like that. I wasn’t dropping another hint by the way! :lol:

This is the only online payment site I currently trust: http://www.nochex.com/ I buy from mainly UK sellers, and nearly always use Nochex. You don’t have to sign up like Paypal, to make a payment. Any chance of you possible adding this as a payment method? It could be a more appealing payment method to UK buyers? :smiley: No pressure mate, if you can’t or prefer not to, don’t worry about it :wink:

Thanks Tartan

will try to put my comic on amazon and ebay as well, not sure about it though.

Western union is there in India but wont be usefull because, if I just go to the WU office in my city that will cost me the value of the book. lols :slight_smile:

I will find a way to get the comic reach you.

Angel, paypal is a pain in neck as well for me. I still have to figure out how to get my paypal money transferred to my country, they transfer only to a US bank account.

But then if i have to sell in USA i will have to use it or I will loose thousands of customers.

I will check up the link you gave, but more importanly I can only use it if two things get sorted out

  1. transaction fees as my product is sold for very less price, I dont want a 2co repeat.

  2. security of download product. A scipt was available for both my paypal and 2co to secure my downlaods and its location masked on my server.

I can use any other gateway only if I have that script supporting it

So will try whatever i can possibily achieve.