xtrm3d little corner

finding myself using zbrush more and more those days
especially since i saw the preview for 4r2

let start with something that i am working on since an eternity …
a mix of mudbox and zbrush on this one …





let continue with a lunch doodle…
100 % zbrush at this time … :stuck_out_tongue:




very good works man :+1:

that’s the Christophe i know. one of the most hard working guys in the industry :slight_smile:
you really love what you do and that shows in your awesome characters. keep it up dude!

I like the voodoo break-dancer. Where is his boombox?

did a quick rendering on this one …




great job :slight_smile:

thanx a lot … would be posting something new soon :slight_smile:

a quick doodle on a lazy sunday afternoon




doing more research in the area of sketch/npr rendering …
zbrush + post


Yeah great sketchbook, really great artwork!:+1:
Totally love the first character and all the expressions of the head busts!
The muscle car is very inspiring too, all made in zbrush? Would be great to see a sculpt model :slight_smile:
Looking forward seeing more from you,
Best regards and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny:)

thank you

The muscle car is very inspiring too, all made in zbrush? Would be great to see a sculpt mode

nope the car is build in maya and rendered in zbrush + post as i wanted to see how my technique would fare with object that have a lot less details then a charachter

here more experimentation with that style …
working on redesignin the pilots and crews for my red star 47 ship that would be released later this year as a model kit


Fantastic work on the characters, really digging that style!:+1:
You are releasing a model kit? Wow definently looking forward to that =)
It is great to see your work and learn from you ! Big inspiration!
Happy sculpting,

  • Kenny:)

thank you …

here another zbrush render + post

the project is moving forward :slight_smile:redstar47-11.jpg

xtrm3d, I love your hotrod images and everything else you put out. Can’t wait for your model kit. Looking forward to purchasing it. Keep up the great work Chris.

thank you very much ,
speaking of model kit … here are a couple of vray test render …
decimation master just did save my butt on this one …
taking the models down from 20 million poly to just barely 800 k ( yes 20 million is high … but it’s to be able to have a very smooth surface at 3d printing time )

excellent! - has a Maschinen Krieger feeling. printed models of this would be awesome.

Very cool style:) and also great render

nice! top row stuff!