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Amazing work! Top Row for sure!

thank you guys …
not so sure that this stuff deserve top row … as the quality of the work on display is mind blowing :slight_smile:

excellent! - has a Maschinen Krieger feeling. printed models of this would be awesome.

actually there would be a model kit coming out at the end of this year
check : http://industriamechanika.com/blog/

thanks again

well when you print them you will get top row, promise!

Makes me want to do some kit bashing.

started on the redesign of the ground crew


Your work is amazing! Everyone I know that works at Naughty Dog is just ridiculous [as if that is a surprising discovery haha]

I checked out your site and recognized so many of your other projects, but I never knew they were all yours! Anyways, these ships are amazing and I can’t wait till you post the other final pieces of your concepts.

thank you very much …
finished the ground crew today


Great sculpt made amazingly better by your presentation. I love the sepia toned photo effects and the hand written notes really set it off nicely. Great work!

Great work as usual mate. I really like the style of that aircraft

thank you very much … very appreciated …

did include the new little guys in the group shot

now it’s time to go back … doing some uv , re-riging posing and cleanup for 3d printing

truly spectacular, the idea is very good and very well done technically.
what I like most is the machine, simple but practical,
forgive my English is Google:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

great to here about the model coming out! very cool site btw. This is just classic, I’m eagerly waiting for more from the same universe. TOP ROW!

like the new crew, cant wait to see this printed! who are you using for the print?

“”like the new crew, cant wait to see this printed! who are you using for the print?""

as much as i know … “” ownage “”

some progress on those ones …





more to see at : http://industriamechanika.com/

some marketing shot for the final models

all the models are at the printer now …
could not have done it so fast and clean without zbrush :slight_smile:


Nice composition of characters
and that vintage feel also coming out well
all characters are so detailed :smiley:
keep it up :+1:

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

now that i seem to be done with teh red star 47 project ,
found some time to work on Mr fichtenmeyer pilot redesign for his hornytopter ,
slow progress since i have 1000 other stuff on my plate


working on teh jacket


some progress on the pilot

lookin great nice presentation also !! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: