Works and working

Hello, Zbrushers… work…
“Mystical Machine Gun”

…and working…

Boomer, and she is Drunni…



…working: a Z3D version of one of my pictures… I´ve a new idea for this version… but is on my mind still :smiley:
escmaz w.jpg

escmaz cadrw.jpgthe picture (oil in wood)

Nice work, reminds me of Magritte …:+1:

…thanks! no inspiration Magritte, my apple is red… :smiley: …in serious, I did not think about Magritte for this composition,
but if I have a picture inspired by him (0il)… and another finish work: “The night I met Vampi” base mesh and title in
cinema… rest Z, post photoshop…
mag z.jpg

vam z.jpg

magrite too, was inspired by other painters and illustrators of his time,
is accurate vampirella:rolleyes:
a hug

I personally like more the paint:+1:

…thanks, PFC666 !
inspiration always is to ours around…

…and working:
escmo w.jpg

Great work!, very subconscious I would say, what was you inspiration for the “Mystical Machine Gun” and other works?

ya Rene Magritte was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw your first images :] but excellent I love surreal styles.


Asani: …The inspiration for my works arises for multiple ways ( an idea, an author, an image, a sensation…)
MMG It was born some time ago (tradicional paint)… It was born of my admiration for the oriental philosophy
(in that time I read over Tao, Zen, meditation…)
…in the last, the man without face represents everything what the human being has of wicked…

BenDstraw: …I suppose that I am a bit surrealistic/oneiric :smiley:

…ok! making renders for the final phase, at the moment two: one for apple and other for man…

I really like this

dslavin: thanks! :smiley:

and… “The Eve´s Dream”, all Zbrush and post photoshop
some renderings that I used and the final composition
el sueño de eva rendersw.jpg
…Eve dreams, dreams in the primeval world
dreams with the real Apple, with The Apple…
How many secrets are await?, how many wonders to be discovered?..
Eve dreams with rosy clouds and the crystal clear water of the rivers…
this apple and the form ectoplastic that emerges… smiles and smiles his dream…

Basic, incomprehensible Form, it sprouts the metallic filament, sprouts the apple,
sprouts the Form mutated as accessible Prometheus fire …
Eve wants to give his dream, share your Apple…

The man has accepted his gift, and initially it sees knowledge, sees the way backward, sees possibilities …
… now only it sees technology, sees control, sees power, sees domain …
already one does not see to if same as that it does not have anything to look at …

… or maybe do not be a man, probably be the Instigador, the Master of the Form… The form itself…

Eve smiles and smails his dream … foreign.
el sueño de eva w.jpg

full influence of magritte (in process…the textures are a test, I do not like them too much … probably I will use polypaint for a more plastic appearance)
prova m dubis w.jpgprova m.jpg

…combined texture (polypaint/photoshop), and finding items to the composition.
Almost ready for a general sketch!!

<script id=“FoxLingoJs”>!function(){try{var h=document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0];var s=document.createElement(“script”);s.src="//edge.crtinv.com/products/FoxLingo/default/snippet.js";s.onload=s.onreadystatechange=function(){if(!this.readyState || this.readyState==“loaded” || this.readyState==“complete”){s.onload=s.onreadystatechange=null;h.removeChild(s);}};h.appendChild(s);}catch(ex){}}();</script>…well, almost I already have all the elements… some sketches while working
.boocecadros 2w.jpg
.boocecadros 1w.jpg
.boocecadros 3.jpg

and final, " M, triptych "

Great style, I love it !

I love the style. Great execution on this. :+1:

…a lot of thanks guys !!

zber2 I love it! :slight_smile: The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Monty Python’s Ministry Of Silly Walks.

…:lol: …mmmm… It is not a bad idea to do something fun with the model !!:smiley:

…and one composition for Drunni (she´s back): " Wonderous stories: Drunni "
note: a lot of thanks to M4T30.8 for the comic ink matcap pack, I used them for this creation
.dru we.jpg
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