Works and working

…I’m working on a personal version of Hulk… I leave a small composition… but there is still much modeling
…and funny bonus:D… “Superheroes Gallery”

…works for a exhibition ( 2D, 3D, sculpture, …)

" Tao´s child " digital painting, only Z for light and perspective boxframe
“Mystical Machine, ( reloaded I ) " all compositing made directly in Z, 9 renders and post in Photoshop

maqu mis w.jpg
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The last work is awsome. I like it very much:+1:

Thanks, Nebular !
…one more finish: Z and a little bit digital painting :D… " The Warrior of the Unknown "

Bravo! Very interesting and unique work. :smiley:

Wow … how could I have missed the Magritte piece, awesome!:smiley:

Sweet Jebus…I love all of it. No offense to many in the forum, but it is a breath of fresh air to see some straight up art (as opposed to game assets and such, which I do admire greatly)

I would love to know more about your process. I have struggled with traditional painting for decades, not being able to fake perspective and all. Keep 'em coming!

Great image. :wink:

chalkman: thanks!
chalkman: …thanks!:smiley:

Hey carver, I come from the painting world, so, my work system varies on each project…
sometimes I´m quite clear the complete scene: position, atmosphere… other times I have
in mind only a character or an idea, and then I will develop them, but others times I jump
into adventure…

Regarding to the tecnique… nothing special, just 2D/3D fusion and work, work and work again! :smiley:

Philuxius: thanks!!

…and a few color: " One afternoon anyone " (model,render and tex… total Z)

Very much enjoying your sketchbook, the works within it, and the imagination behind it…Excellent :+1:small_orange_diamond:)


Le fils de l’homme was your insperation? very good experiments,…

…thanks Glenn!! your work is very interesting !!

tyrellcorp: yes, I´ve inspired my self on “Le fils de l’homme”, it´s one of my favorute paintings, I always liked it:D

" ZBrush to Comic "…
I was working in a new girl but I have an idea and I decided to do some simple renders…
Z collapsed and lost lights, shaders… as it´s a wip I didn´t care … but I took one of these renders
and I started to play…

Here is the result: a Zjump into comic style
I´ve used the BPR renderpass… a little of depht, something of shadow and AO too… finally I´ve used
a little BPR render for the eyes and the UFO…

as a huge fan of Magritte, I heartily endorse this thread’s existence! keep up the great work!

thanks a lot, ETortoraPato !

… a new framing (" One afternoon anyone ") and another composition in the same style… and perhaps a tribute:D
un serán w.jpg


Great and innovative … keep em coming! :smiley:

thanks chalkman!!
…" going to the desert B "

desert w2.jpg

Zpop evolution…:

Very interesting and imaginative work! :smiley:

Cheers, David

…for the eyes! :+1:

thanks, chalkman!
thanks, Frenchie… …for the pleasure…:smiley:

…a new hybrid: Zbrush/digital painting fusion