Wonderful woman

Sincerely Luc i’m really impressed by those skin screen.
Can’t wait to see the final results, promise to be sensationnal.

Stop teasing, show us the real deal. :slight_smile:


Wow! Very nice work here. I am signing in so I can follow your posts closely. Hope to be able to learn as I watch and enjoy!

Biting my lip here! Freakin awesome dude! :slight_smile:

/Jonas Skoog

This is insanely gorgeous. Please finish soon. It’s like waiting for the next Avengers movie to be released. :wink:

This is quite amazing mate. Please make a tutorial! I would really enjoy seeing ur workflow and how u achieve such photo realism.

Insane as always Luc, can’t wait to see the rest. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

lol everybody’s waiting including me :smiley:

Hey thank’s all for the kind words :slight_smile:

Just a quick reply before going to bed :slight_smile:
It’s all 8k maps, my 16 gigs of ram cannot take more… sadly.

Guy’s I’m going as fast as I can, just working on it on spare time so… and she’s shy right know to be shown to you, she want me to fix the seams in the textures, little things here and there before :slight_smile:

But here 's a small render with the facial added, first pass, not final ,but it’s adding a lot like planned. It was much harder then I though to get a shader for that that look close to the real thing… it may look simple and easy to do… but I found was not… I spend many hours just on that shader doing test render etc…

So here’s a little preview , could not render bigger too slow now… thoise little hairs are slow as hell to render… and by the way I upgraded the fresnel reflection a lot on the skin shader, so should look better :slight_smile:
eye render 1044.jpg

such a tease!, lol the details are impressive. amazing renders, materials etc.

Natalie Portman? :smiley: Nice work.

thank’s guys,

and no, it’s not Natahlie Portman, but yes I used her as my main ref, but with other woman I found that are beautiful, and I found out that they had mostly the same proportions in their face , so I try to make her a bit more beautifull then Portman and different … but she has similitude as said , hehe well see man , from just a side face with a ear (and Portman has some wierd ears, so I make mine more regular ears…)

I don’t want to do replica of peoples for a while, too long, so she’s a blend of many beautiful girls, so kinda an average of them all hopefully haha.

I’m using your work as reference benchmark, and I really hope you will do a detailed breakdown once you finish it.

ugh…can’t wait to see the whole thing!
love how you handled the peach fuzz on the skin, any input on that would be amazing.

awesome as usuall!
Did you is this in your work - http://gl.ict.usc.edu/Research/Microgeometry/ ?

looking forward fore more! really cool stuff

Thank’s a lot guys really appreciated :slight_smile:

eof3D : No I don’t use that… To me it’s good if you can scan a whole face … but if you just have some patch of it, It’s not ideal…(but it’s better then using nothing) I prefer to sculpt the details myself, you just need a lot of poly’s though…

hey guys I should be able to you you the whole thing till monday :slight_smile: but wihtout hairs… and I will do 2 version, one natural and one with make up.

Hey guys,

here’a really quick n dirty make up test on the eyes just to keep that thread alive ^^ I’m doing 2 version of her, first one is without make up and a sceond one with make up, later I will show you some choice of make up and you’ll give me your feedback guys on it so I can choose the right one :slight_smile:

much more to come ( for now the eyelash has no mascara on them, for the make up version they will have of course, they they will be more clumpy and darker and longer etc ^^ )

eye render 1120.jpg

This looks amazing mate. Can’t wait to see more. :+1: