Wonderful woman

Hi guys,

Here’s a fres new project I’m doing on spare time for 2 months now.

Since I never did a full finish girl, here’s gonna be my first one, it was missing in my portfolio :slight_smile:
I must say doing a beautiful person is harder then an ugly one, you have to find the right balance between all of it, and especially in a beautiful women, not too much of this,of that etc to get a convincing result.

I made a new base mesh that was giving me higher polycount in zbrush then my Craig wip so I could get twice the details, so it’s show’s a lot. Can’t wait Zbrush to be 64 bit, gonna be a killer ^^

So, first I started with the teeths, since my last teeth dated back 2008 when I did my hulk vision … so they were obselete. I wanted really realistic teeths so I had to redo them, base mesh in max, details added in Zbrush.

eye render 0974.jpgeye render 0979.jpgdents du bas 0353.jpgdents du bas 0357.jpgdents du bas 0362.jpgdents du bas 0366.jpg

Also a sneak peak of her , just a teaser since I have many things to tweak before sharing the whole thing, like adding facial hairs, tweaking more the eyebrows,etc etc. All the texture are done by hands , no scan (except for the neck for now,and the eyes textures of course). I did a new workflow I had in mind since working on Craig, I was like ok next character I need to try this that and that etc… and it turns out to work just as well as expected so I’m quite happy with it, and it has many advantage, faster, better result and more flexibility over the process, so I can change many things more efficiently.

So here goes the sneakpeak ( the eyelash connection to the skin is still not done, once I’m really fixed with the eyelash, I will do the transition so it will look much better later :slight_smile: )


dents du bas 0357.jpg

dents du bas 0362.jpg

dents du bas 0366.jpg

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Friggen amazing

Man, that looks real.
Great work! :sunglasses:

I’m looking forward to see more.

By the way:
Would you mind to reveal us a few details about your new workflow?
You aroused my curiosity. :wink:

WOW!!! Can’t wait for more!

Awesome! :+1:



Really? Are you for real? this is just f… unbelievably good! What kind of render gear do you use?


Your mouth took mine so i’m out of words :slight_smile:

I can’t stop looking at these. The hyper-realism is astonishing. Thank you for sharing these with us. Please explain your workflow :smiley:

“Wow” does not do it justice. Excellent work.

This… This is amazing…

That is amazing already. I can’t wait to see more progress

Man, you are out of your league. I’m almost afraid to see what you came up with this one, you are a beast.

Wow thank’s all I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I should post the whole face soon, but without hairs… tomorrow I will add the facial hairs, wich will add a LOT and I want to tweak some little things in the sculpt and some other here and there…

Some more here :slight_smile:

dents du bas 0222.jpgdents du bas 0238.jpgdents du bas 0239.jpgdents du bas 0342crop.jpgeye render 0980c.jpgeye render 0994cnb.jpg

and 2 more

eye render 1008cs.jpgeye render 1008csm.jpg


eye render 1008csm.jpg


superb job man! cant wait to see the full face, that displace and shading are quite amazing.

another amazing job !
following :smiley:

Luc, from your image it looks like you are using MASSIVE textures, probably 8K displacement or even bigger. Can you explain your workflow and how can you render all together?

Hey dude, stop posting photos here :wink:
Impressive work pal, please keep it up!