WIP - Old Man

Hi there.
a new old man (not again… :rolleyes: )
It is still a WIP
modo, Zbrush, Photoshop

hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:




lovely render. nxt u need add sum pores.
gr8 work:+1: :+1:

great work maddam!
Alex Oliver

wow…very photorealistic for sure…:+1:


Top notch as always :slight_smile:

Top row as always :lol:

i especially like your renderings, lovely translucency. Wanders into my studyfolder right away.

Wow, really, really, REALLY nice texturing and detail.

here an update:
I’ve had the details now

[attach=39388]Old_03.jpg[/attach] [attach=39389]Old_04.jpg[/attach]

next to come, the eyes :wink: and some clothes




Some of the best work I’ve ever seen. If the eyes are done convincingly I’m sure you could pass this off for real with some HDR and placement within an actual photograph.

hehe - u and those photos:laughing:…exelento :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Update with the eyes


Very nice work! the skin shader could be a little less waxy but overall it’s top notch, or should I say top row material!:slight_smile: it’s funny it looks more like an old woman then an old men to me!

I think the skin looks great. Adding the detail really perfected him!

I’m guessing that you made him from scratch? He is your creation and not a likeness of someone in particular? I only ask because I recognized it as your work as soon as I saw the image.

Very nice render/lightning, probly the realest skin i’ve seen in here. And of course the modeling’s good too but that goes without saying. Gona keep an eye on this.

How did you achieve such realistic skin? is it a color map or a shader?

Skin is amazing.

I always enjoy looking t your fine works!Compliments,cal

Hey maddam! very nice work as usual :slight_smile: Nice to see you posting back in ZBC.

Realism achieved!

Lemo :+1: :+1: :+1: