WIP - Old Man

Wow… really outstanding work…!!!

quick update with hair :wink:


amazing work man
nice details


can u tell us more how u created the skin?

lvoe your stuff. keep raising the bar and pushing yourself. awesome awesome awesome awesome. i usually do not leave posts of this nature, but i just can not help myself. :D:D:D:D:D

i also can’t spell worth a damn

I really like the model, great work. Though I don´t think that the skin looks realistic. Way too waxy and too shiny.The coloring is too even …it needs more variation. But I know how hard it is to archive realistic skin renders, so just keep working on that :slight_smile:

I know that this last post was not put on to offend, I also agree with the comment that the render needs improvement. I do feel that with this being a WIP there is absolutley nothing wrong with the waxy skin. I believe that maddam is an excellent modeler, and that should be the main focus of the crits at this point, not the skin render. There is an excellent sense of form and definition and there has been some experimentation (as there has been a lot of it lately in most posts) with hair sculpting that has not truly shown as much prominence in maddam’s previous models. If anything else, the waxy render aids in the definition for crits. Render crits should only come into play later and it can become distracting to hear them ahead of time. It’s just an ugly fact of life that it goes hand in hand for presenting your models. I bloody hate rendering, yet have to do it everyday at work. SSS sucks. It looks great on most things and everyone seems to love it, the problem is that fine details can easily wash out and it takes a lot of tweaking with frustration and the murder of beer bottles. Now I’m just becoming a turd so I’ll shut up. I still think you do excellent presentation renders maddam, try not to “Break the bubble” as much though and you’re modeling is top notch. I would also love to see more full-body models and designs from you so I can light that roman candle that’s been stuck up my ass. Speaking of, I did see a video where some kid tried that. Not a pretty sight, he screamed beyond belief. Okay, shutting up now.:rolleyes:

Wonderful work. So nice to see something other than bald people, looking like some perfect ‘Barbie’ version of the human race. :wink:

Very good job!! I love the textures… and this update its awesome!!

To Firebert: Yes You´re right that it was too early to critic the rendering, I think he is just experimenting with that. It was more a reaction to the posts of some people who said that this is the most realistic skin render that they have ever seen and I think it´s just fair to tell that it is not. Definately a good start but far from beeing realistic,renderwise. The modelling is really impressive, very subtle details. He addet details where it really counts. My only crit might be the forehead wrinkles running too far, they´re even reaching the hairline, I dont have seen such long wrinkle on any people…but… I might be wrong and such wrinkles can really exist, not sure about that. So I will shut up. Great work so far maddam :):+1:

Touché Gurgi.

Good work, i like the sculpting, the rendering is really nice too.

keep up.