wip anton chigurh

Hi guys heres my latest wip
Its anton chigurh maybe my favorite villain of all times. ( at least hes supposed to be)
If ur not familiar with him you should watch no country for old men a cohen brothers masterpiece…
This image is still symmetry mode. I tried to take a slightly different approach to modelling him.
I kinda modelled and polypainted at the same time.
Nothing is finished so crit as u like.
Hair is just a placeholder. Im trying to work with alpha planes for hair at the moment but im having lots of troubles with them. Any help on creating game art hair would be nice.
Looks good on one screen like a zomby on the other. Hope you guys have the good screen look
[wip antony chigur.jpg]

You can sure tell who it is suppose to be. Looking forward to more.

really nice start. I can appreciate the difficulty in doing a likeness so congrats so far. . . can’t wait to see an update!

Hi guys
Been working on his hand last few days so heres a first wip pic for you
[ZBrush Document.jpg]

Wow, cool likeness… :+1: . I also like that film… No country for old man…

Hab grade mal interessehalber geschaut, ob Du auch einen Thread hast – un ja - gefunden. :slight_smile:
Anton Chigurh ist wirklich ein bad boy! Great work so far.
Wie schauts denn mal mit eine Update aus? :slight_smile:

Hey Disco

looking very cool …actually recognized him straight away ;]

Good job and keen for some updates


Skin looks real…I wanna see more work ~~:+1:

thanks guys

id better get my ass to sculpting before this leads to public disorder :smiley:

Quote: “id better get my ass to sculpting before this leads to public disorder”
You got that right!!! :smiley: :+1: !

It didn´t escape my notice – still no update! :slight_smile:

Waaaah… Where’s Anton gone?

haha im sorry im sorry !
I started sculpting the hair and got pissed off pretty quick.
I decided it was time to start another character to get a bit more
into zbrush again. So here you go :slight_smile: still wip comments and critique welcome


Funny Stu, really funny… . :smiley: . No seriously, glad to see you back in action! The new sculpt looks great! :+1: !

Very cool. Reminds me of someone from an old WWII film…


I WOULD still love to see Anton…someday.

yeah its a great start to anton would also like to see the end result eventually

Etcher MontanaMan and BillyT thank you guys :smiley:

Heres my first real try at sculpting hair hope you like it.
Critiques and comments as always NOT wanted!.
Na just kidding give me plenty its all wip.
[post Kopie.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘140139’,‘post%20Kopie.jpg’,1,0))

really like the hair D Stu well done for sticking with it because the result is nice. I hate doing hair :smiley:

Wow, the hair is great. Well done.

I don’t know about anyone else, but your Anton gives me the willies (in a good way). Excellent capture of his composed-yet-evil expression.

Disco, you have an abundance of talent.

The hair is very nice, what did you use to make it?