Winged Demon

Here is a winged demon character that I’m making for an animated teaser right now. I’ll give more about its background story once we finish sometime in late Nov. One thing to note, is that he is missing his wing membranes, because those (originally modelling into base mesh) were deleted, and are now being done with clothe. I’ve started texturing, so I’ll post more of that as it progresses.

Here’s the wireframe

this is what the wing membrane looked like before deleting it; the cloth should give a better result.

looks excellent, how many polys are you working with?

Very good. I like the face, it looks almost real…

Thanks guys for the feedback. In Z-brush the mesh gets to almost 4 million. The base mesh in Maya is around 12000 polys.

damn that is beautiful!!

hey. good to see some new stuff from you.

as far as feedback goes. the only area i would suggest to look at is the connection between the wings and body. the muscles around that area dont really look as if they are strong enough to actually support his mass in the air.

cant wait till its textured and rendered
Awsome stuff

Josh, you always impress me man. How are you planning on tackling UV’s since you modeled it in maya? Do you know if it will work with the GUV’s or AUV’s … just wondering cause i thought they were native to only models created with zspheres.

Great modeling and proportions…beautifully done! I’d love to see the mesh you started with.

Nice Work Josh.

He’s got some nice detail to him. As far as critique:
It looks like you concentrated alot of details on the middle of his back.
Is that how you will be viewing him in the scene mostly? I would like to see the rest of him detailed as nicely as you did that area.
But I know with a full figure that can be a pain in the ass :slight_smile:
(I’m already wishing I could have more than 10 million poly’s…)

Keep us updated; Would love to see the finished product!

~Mike D.

Very cool!
Waiting for finish work:+1:

Thanks again everyone for your input on my post.

Tom: The UV’s are GUV’s, I’m texturing it in Deep Paint and finishing it in Z-Brush (so I can paint and view the fully detailed mesh). The texture has a ways to go, but I’ll post that soon. Rendering in Maya (Mental Ray), all I am using is the Subdivision Approximation and Displacement Approximation. Set the Subdivision to Spacial, min 2 max 5 and view dependent. Set the Displacement to the “fine” preset. Seems to do the job.

Ambient: Nice to hear from you, I gotta check out what you’ve been up to lately. About the muscles and the wings; yea I know that they are a bit puny in that region where they attatch, but the character is already fully rigged and being animated currently, so I actually can’t make any major proportional changes. I actually want to totaly redesign this character to be much more beast like, and less of a guy with wings, but its sort of too late for that as far as the project is concerned. I’ll experiment with enlarging some of those muscles.

Dan Burke: The mesh that you see there is what I started with, let me know if you wish to see more pics of that.

Frogspasm: My thoughts exactly. That level of detail that you see on the back will most likely be propagated throughout the entire mesh.

Looks perfect to me. also the wing muscles look fiNE. ive been working out for a long time. Bench 400, and i dont even look muscular. I can tell you that muscle fibers are stronger than steel. So a bit of muscle goes a long way. his muscles are fine. Great art.

Thanks everyone for your input so far. I’ve decided to turn this demon into a pepperoni pizza. Well, unfortunately my texture is having that effect, but it will work for the long shot that this character is needed for, so I’m gonna run with it. I feel like I kinda missed the mark and all, but still I just wanted to show everyone what I’ve been up to. Going to desaturate and get a good render going in Maya.

Ok, this is a great model. However, this is a demon, either give him an appropriate schlong or put some pants on him.

this model is wonderful… the only things i didn´t liked:
1- the foots (CR :o PY)
2-the material is too glossy
3-… :qu:

I would love to know how did you painted the texture and how do you plan to animate the model.

fantastic:cool: :cool:

which technical you have used in order to model it?:qu:

I think the shlong works great. My only comment is to make it even spikey’er, maybe with some barbs or some sh!t. :evil:

Now thats an awsome looking demon. The color map looks awsome too. Great work

you crazy lil monkey! Thats one of the coolest friggin model i’ve ever seen! Dang dude. Nice texturing man…looks realistic. The purples really bring out a sense of deep sensitive tissue, love it. Only area I think could use more contrast are the wings …they seem too golden. Oh, And it would be cool to play with alittle more contrast around the knees, elbos and wrist. maybe pop them out somehow… they just seem like they get lost a little in the beautiful texture you’ve made. simple amazing man. You’ve raised the bar again dude.
Question: How do you get zbrush to export out a displacement map that doesn’t have seams? I’ve had no success yet. Have you encountered this problem at all?

keep up the amazing work.
Tom Stanton