Will Harbottle - Digital Sculpt Thread

Fantastic work man, wow.

Top Row all the way!!!

This is amazing!

why is there an image of juggernauts face on the bottom row link to this thread but no image of him in the link its self?
nice work by the way

can’t wait to see polypainted version :slight_smile: great piece :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

great model! nice details. I especially like what you did with the hairs.

Beautiful work!

just what everyone else said. quite solid

Great scan example (always helps) and lovely model :sunglasses:

Awesome! Love the pose lol

Amazing work :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
Do you have the same workflow than Mr bLawless?
I really enjoyed to see wireframes of this amazing works

Jaw drop twice in a row…AWESOME

I wanted to share some of the more tech-type things I’ve done. I believe ZSketch is the most powerful tool for hard edge modeling I’ve ever come across. All of these started out as ZSketches, taken pretty far, then retopoed in Maya. These were small scale action-figures, so there was a limit to the amount of detail I could put in. Details that are too small or thin simply won’t print. Hope you like them.

Thanks for looking.

[Moderator’s Note: Images removed at studio’s request.]

Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing. But could you maybe up up images that aren’t garbled in a gif format? It’s frustrating seeing all that goodness getting mangled.

Really amazing work! Those last few of the Iron Man 2 figures are awesome! Did you do the designs for the toys? Because I don’t think that War Machine or Iron Man variant are out yet! I would love to see some of the workflow from ZSketch to final, as I want to be able to do similar work myself!

You da man!
Are you achieving the clean hard edging with ZB, or something else?
If ZB, what are your favorite brushes?

With my version of Ironman, I struggle with the layering ie lips and chin. This is my 3rd charactor using ZB, and am currently working on Ironman’s nemisis.

Padi-wan Learner

this stuff looks fantastic bro! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sucker punch statues!!! Those and the sideshow collectibles just BLEW me away. I hope the final products are as good as what I saw at the con cuz I will be buying one for sure. The sweetpea is epic. Did you do the babydoll as well? I was thinking of making my next sculpt 3d printable. I want to do something higher res like your sweetpea. My only question is I don’t know how to plan for a print. What do I need to keep in mind for my sculpt?

AMAZING work. The Sweet Pea piece is one of the coolest statues I’ve ever seen, digital OR traditional.
I’m a fellow traditional sculptor who’s learning the rope on this stuff, btw. :slight_smile:
It’s an interesting transition and fun as hell. Seeing work like yours is a great shot in the arm and wonderful motivation, too.
Again, inspiring work, Will. Thanks for sharing!

Very pretty stuff you got there ! :grimacing: :smiley:
Harbottle, would you be so kind to share your techniques for the joints (elbow,knee,etc) to make the figurine poseable please ?
Are the joints added separately (snap fit ) or are the entire model printed with soluble medium to have it printed in one pass ???
I’m trying to come up with something for a personal project that would make my figurine articulated since I wanna try to get it 3D printed.:wink:
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:
Please, post the polypainted version of these.

that Hulkbuster kicks ass. Very nice design. And top notch modeling too.