Will Harbottle - Digital Sculpt Thread

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been a lurker here for about 3 years, and I thought it was finally time to post some of my works. I’m a digital sculptor for Gentle Giant Studios. Primarily I make action figures, which I usually can’t show for at least a year, but recently I made my first statue. Because this is a product we are producing ourselves, I’m able to show it alot sooner than usual. This is Sweet Pea from the upcoming Zach Snyder movie Sucker Punch. The 18 inch statue was just shown at Comic Con along with Brandon Lawless’ amazing sculpts. I have to thank Brandon for teaching me so much and for inspiring this old traditional sculptor to try digital in the first place.


The likeness was originally from scan data, but the rest is from scratch. The statue was painted by Kat Sapene, the best in the business.

Thanks for looking.


Rocking… :slight_smile: :+1:

i want to know…whts the secret behind the hand gloves net. i shall be grateful to you if you could share your workflow… :slight_smile:

Looks amazing :slight_smile:

How were those tiny holes for her gloves painted ?

All the work from Sucker Punch here on Zcentral is Phenomonal! I’m sure the movie will be awesome no doubt!:+1:

Great job man, you are one of the best. I have to agree with you about Kat’s paint work as well…outstanding. You and Brandon raised the bar with these sculpts! Keep rocking, we need to catch up soon.

said it on the Brandon thread and will repeat here man!

You guys rock!!!

Thanks for sharing!

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

SICK details! on both yours and brandons models! :grimacing:
would love to see some close-ups



hey will!

welcome aboard.
awesome model. you gentle giant guys are simply amazing.
keep posting.


love the hair! if you can show how you got that cool look that would be great!
i can guess spline in maya/max and sculpting in Zb but must haave taken for ever?

This is very inspiring, thank you for sharing!

How long does it take to produce such an excellent model?

very awesome work!

This rocks! I want one! Very awesome work! :+1:

Five stars!!
Yes I would like to know how you did the hair! Thx

Fantastic detail,i search your name after saw the Brandon new images,this is one of the best female model i seen in this forum,seriously how you did the hairs!!!??:+1:

waaaaaaw … five stars !!!

Great work, just amazing. 5 stars and I’m glad you posted. This will get top row, if not today then as you add to it, and I think you can post any of your other stuff, its all top notch!


Wow!! Thanks for the great response everyone! I’ve been intimidated by the amazing talent here for years, but you guys have really made me feel welcome. I’ll try to put together a little something on how I did Sweet Pea’s hair this weekend. In the meantime here’s an action figure I did for Diamond Select Toys.

[Moderator’s Note: Images removed at studio’s request.]

I know the texture is very exaggerated, but it needed to survive not only the output and cleanup process, but also mass production in China.