Watch me work.

I’m often asked to do a tutioral Of how I created an image that I have posted. The problem is with the way I work I’ll lose stuff or basically don’t remember what I did. So I thought that I would start a thread as I 'm about to start a new project, and post work in progress images as I go along before I lose them so here goes

Ok I 'm going to start with this basic head tool


I’m already starting to regret this having to stop and post jpgs. is screwing up the flow. So here I have moved the points around to open up the eyes and mouth.mm

![step 1.jpg|861x895](upload://j3Sy1ByYWXlaJRVSxFCxNYOsIFM.jpeg)

hi there, thank you…this will be a precious thread…i’m gonna start with the questions…you’ll probably get about a million of them anyways …:slight_smile: i’m wondering if the head is a base mesh from another sw or if you modelled it from zspheres…? it’s a lovely clean mesh, especially the ears, which on the base models for example from xsi, are really hideous…so…sorry for babbling…good luck with this WIP and thanx again for sharing, mm!

thx, I agree with vivien!
I’m waiting for others updates…:slight_smile:

Ok moved things around more used zadd and zsub and divided the tool just starting to block in the shapes.

![step 2.jpg|830x949](upload://zICOzj2FNc03l5gXzuZ1Fpg3r2P.jpeg)

monstermaker, this is really a good start. Thanks for showing us how you do it! I’m sure I’m going to learn so keep posting please!!

MM … a pain in the bum for you, but an invaluable peak over your shoulder for the rest of us. Thanks tons.

This is really screwing up my work flow and slowing me down I sorry that I started this. Oh well . I find it important when sculpting to use just one light and no ambient light and I find it really important to move that light around to see the forms on your sculpt under diff lighting conditions. This is already starting to be asymetrical also something that I think is important to look real.
More moving Zadding and zsubbing to create forms.
At this point I quickly threw in some basic forms to see it with eyes and teeth . They are just placeholders at the moment I just thought it was important at this point to see a representation of them


I am taking a seat and look :wink:

No mistake! Cmon… throw the mortals a bone here :laughing:small_orange_diamond:laughing:small_orange_diamond:laughing:

Ok had dinner fed my dog took him out to do his business and worked on this a bit more. I was trying to figure out where I was going with this. Put some teeth from my old skull model and an old frankenstein coat model on him did a quick renderand got this. Went back to make some changes and it crashed so I think I’ll stop for tonight. I won’t be able to work on this much tomorrow and have a busy week ahead but I’ll try and make some progress and keep posting. thanks for looking

![scaryguy .jpg|702x936](upload://2MnBaZF5Bc0cpATnmgREKJ5PlMX.jpeg)

Thank you great tutorial Monstermaker.
I love your taste forever!!!

from Japanese Monstermaker.


I’ll post the link in a second but…you have the awesome Pixolator script…that does thumbnails of your session…I am sure you also save often. ZTimelapse

So it’s not important that you remember everything you did or why you did it. We can learn from what it is you do remember after the fact…don’t interrupt you process…just go back…you will find you learn as much about yourself and how you do things as we do from you.

Michelangelo never woulda finished David if someone questioned his every move so don’t do that to yourself…ask the questions later…shrug or reply…we will appreciate any tidbit and will thoroughly understand if it hinders you and your willingness to help doesn’t quite work with how you work…well at least I would…hahahaha. I couldn’t tell you why I zigged instead of zagged …I just did. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t…but we all need to travel that road ourselves anyway.

I appreciate the fact you desired to.
I appreciate the distraction it creates.

I am more than happy to just be a witness to your immense talent here at zb anything else is triple icing on an already tasty cake.:roll_eyes:

Nice! It’s uncle Fester!


You could always save the zscript after each modeling session and post that. most of us can learn a lot from watching someones process via a zscript. Thank you for doing this, I hope you get a chance to finish it off. Your work amazes me and I always learn from watching the techniques others use.






A Quick Question, if I may. Did you add the teeth model separately for speed, or because it’s a better modelling technique not to try to model everything into the base mesh from the word go? TIA

great work so far, monstermaker !!

do you want to do something like Fester Addams?
in this case I say coooooooooooool !! :smiley:

great stuff as always, friend

You do excellent work! When I first looked at this one, it reminded me of the Lon Chaney Vampire/Hypnotist character from the movie “London After Midnight”. If that isn’t who you are creating, it would be great to see you finish this model off as that character.

I played around with this model a few years ago using Lightwave and LW Shave and a Haircut. My work on that character was well before I had ZBrush (as you can see by the lack of detail that goes hand in hand with ZBrush creations). If I ever find time, I will try to redo my version of this guy using ZBrush.

Bill C.