Watch me work.

Of course I meant to write in my previous post… (as you can see by the lack of detail in my very plain work, where the detail that goes hand in hand with using ZBrush creation is much needed).
Sometimes things sound right when you write them, and look wrong when you re-read them. Anyway, ZBrush is a blessing as far as software goes. I can’t wait to apply it to new and old projects.

Keep up the great work everyone!
Bill C.

Hi I had a little time today to work on this and thought that I was making a Ztimelapse of what I was doing but apparently not. Not sure what I did wrong. I wasn’t all that crazy about todays changes so I 'll probably start over and hopefully make a Ztimelapes of the new changes. Thanks aminuts for telling me about that.
Yes the last image I posted does look like uncle Fester but I was thinking more along the lines of the London After Midnight make-up. you were right Bill C. I wasn’t thinking of doing a direct copy of it but something inspired by it as it is one of my favorite make-ups. Right now I’m not really sure where I’m going with this.
Anyways I did a quick render playing with perspective and played some in photoshop to see if I wanted to make a London After Midnight guy or not. I thought it looked semi interesting so I thought that I would post it. Hopefully I will soon be able to return to the step by step stuff and figure out what I did wrong with Ztimelapse

wow, very very awesome man! love the look on his face, very ozzy osbourne, almost…still, awesome!

great suff, man !
the choice to use the prospective is the best in this case !!
cool work monstermaker :sunglasses: :+1:

cool dark work, mm! lots of character.

Nice application of the lights from hell!

I love it!

Being the classic horror fan that I am (!! I spotted the Chaney Sr. look form the earlies shots…well as soon as the grin kicked in and the bottom eyelids dropped.

Simply awesome,inspiring MM!!!


now…where did I put that movie…?? …:wink:

This turned out very well!! I love it!

Nice, mad & ugly! Well done! :+1:

Thanks so much!

5 stars from me dude!

Hey MM I like those teeth! There is a program called Snagit www.snagit.com that you can use to take sequential screen captures while you are working. The nice thing is it is a very customizeable program. You can set the screen capture to a particular hotkey and have it sequence the captures in an increasing numerical order. Then, when you are ready to post, you can just open them in your favorite graphics editor and crop, resize, or what have you. You can even set Snagit to do all that for you before it saves!! This way your workflow is only impeded by one tiny little keyboard press. :smiley:

:+1: :+1:

Hi Monstermaker,

I just came across your thread for the first time: this sort of real time step by step is a good idea. Very intersting. the eyes of your model on the last picture are very realistic, did you touch up the glows on PS or is this just a Zbrush rendering?
Nice skin texture.

Dizzy Boy

Excellent! I really like the demented look you have created. The eyes are nicely creepy. The teeth make it scary. Keep going with the great work!

Bill C.

Hi all,
Thanks for the complements and stars and stuff. Had some time at lunch today to work on this some more. Got Ztimelaps to work but I don’t know how much you will really be able to see. I think the important thing to take note of is that I 'm conatantly changing the lights and size of the model to see it differently. Also the use of masking to create harder edge forms. I’ll try to find more time in this busy week to continue with this.

![ZTimeLapseImagehead 1.jpg|936x706](upload://bQa5JdLq1394O7W8LEBxpHLZ7sz.jpeg)


Very Cool, MM! Thanks!!



Shoooo, thats looking damn good! Keep it up!

Just a question though, how do you go about creating your hair, i am battling like hell to get any decent glimpse of hair…

Very nice MM…I like it!!:smiley:
By the way, what did you think of the King Kong trailer??


Trixster :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:D