War Machine

Wow, the layout of Zbrush Central has changed so much since I last logged in… Almost forgot how to post. The work here though remains steadfastly amazing as ever.

I’ve been freelancing as a generalist for nearly 3 years now and I’d like to get back into character design work. Below is an old project from 2008 which I have in essence rebuilt from scratch. It was collecting dust on my hard drive when I showed it to a mentor who advised it would make a decent portfolio piece/Zbrush Central post if we jazzed it up a bit. Tutorials included as well, and I’d also like to share with you the full decimated model via download links below. (If anyone cares to make a 3d print of it please let me know, I’d LOVE to see that)

Thanks for viewing! Looking forward to sharing all I can with the Zbrush community.

Model DL Links


(Fullscreen HD recommended)




Edit: Figured I’d throw in my generalist demo reel as well. Thanks again guys!

Demo Reel


Design Breakdown3.jpg

amazing skills

Insane! Must’ve taken you forever…

Would love to see more zoomed out views of the whole model. Top row stuff for sure!

great work,

Looks awesome man! Great to see the final piece :smiley:

Awesome ****! :o

exceptional! Great job.

Great piece all the way around, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Great job. Keep the sculpts coming Joe.


Haven’t seen something more Top Row for a while on ZBrushcentral.
All the way from beginning to end!
What a cool BPR render btw.


Wow nice piece of work here, your war machine should be 3d pinted, love the after effects touch as well.

Absolutely amazing! Soo much detail… and I love the lightcap, any chance you could share it. Also, I’d love a closer look at the rig you made for posing this bad boy, it looks like it must be pretty complicated with all the moving parts.

Interpretations of copyright characters are apparently not considered the best examples of design

Hahah, yeah just have a browse through this very forum and look at the amount of superhero stuff on here. It’s pretty easy to just glaze over and just pass over the 500th Wolverine or Batman model you’ve seen. Your piece has way, way more going for it though. Such a great combination of departure from its standard design, modelling, posing, hard surface detail, damage detail, atmosphere, composition and even the materials all work well together to be eyecatching even in the thumbnail. Nothing to be embarassed about here.

Amazing. Agree with Knacki: the best top row in many rows ago.

Many thanks for your detail explanations and videos. Downloading the Ztls as I type, thanks for those too.

Amazing work and turntable I’ve seen. Great work.

Fantastic Job dude.

Cool! My favorite character! I know how long it takes to model do the UVs and shaders for an Iron Man suit! I guess you must have more than 300 individual pieces in that suit! Good work!

Thanks for sharing. And about fan art, I understand it’s better to spend that much time creating something original but once in a while some fan art won’t hurt your portfolio if the level is that high! Thumbs up!

great job

After looking back over everything, I have a question… why did you use fog for the zdepth? Doesn’t BPR allow you to export a depth pass?

Also, could you not have used the flat material, instead of adjusting the settings for the basic material?

I don’t mean to second guess you, I’m just curious.

amazing job!!!