Walt-art Sketchbook (nudity)

Hey guys

  I bought the program back in late December and lurked the forums for the most part.
  The work on this site is great in inspiration and <b>very</b> helpful in figuring out some of the eccentricities of the wonderful tool.
  I kept saying I'll post and be a actual member of the forums when I get some stuff worth showing...well that could be forever
  The works on this site are so Frigging GOOD!
 great to be apart of it :D











some drawn with the new z brush painting tools
others with Sketch book pro and a mix of alchemy

[Drawings sihouette1.jpg]WITH-VEST.jpg

eventually I’ll make something I like :lol:






he man mobil 2 copy3.jpg

Wow your really talented. Each one of those silohettes looks like they could
be a sculpt. Have you ever posted your 2D at Conceptart.org? Its a good
place for critique in their critique centre. I like seeing 2D here aswell (since
ZBrush does that too). I think the main thing I wanna say is to relax and take
your time. It looks like you want the end result without too much work. You
know what looks cool, and where it needs to go, just take your time and don’t
get sidetracked. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

OH yeah im going to take your silohettes for inspiration…

Thanks for the reply and great insight.
Please by all means share what you came up with; I’m glad it inspired you :slight_smile:
I think your right about being impatient it’s something I’m working on…trying to relax slow down study and let it come by puttin in the extr time.
even with crunch time being a factor for me. I still find time to put a few hours in.

Bummer bout dominance war 5 being delayed but the delay should result in a GRAND return.

some more images.





actually got over my intimidation and began sculpting a head.
i found it easier to get into than i thought. it felt very natural and i was quickly getting the feel to when i used super sculpey with a little zip kicker added to move the masses around easier…that right brain shift that doesn’t come easy with polygon modeling in 3d max…it felt way more organic and fluid.




this thread has some potential, keep it up!

how are you using alchemy to assist with your thumbnails? I messed around with it a while back but I go a little crazy with it… don’t really know when to stop so I end up with a bunch of garbage :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, What a great tool.
Getting faster, spending way less time on the tech side of things…the worries of Base topology and uvees that work…all gone.






bad guys.jpg




cool alchy stuff and doodles, hope i see one of this ideas in 3d soon :slight_smile:

You got some good stuff there:+1:
Keep sculpting :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:
the comments really help.
I am getting more comfortable with the tools and i find them to be so refreshing.
a quick polypaint…didn’t know it was gonna be that easy, very happy with the results
i really tried my best to avoid diving in…(don’t be that guy!) :evil:
I thought of every excuse why not to start due to my fears and previously failed attempts in previous versions…but i eventually found myself faced with nothing else left to do. :stuck_out_tongue:
glad i didn’t let it win

I so need a new technique for hair creation…if anyone out there knows of one and would like to share PLEASE do so.
for the moment i think I’ll try a “Jake’s fortune” style when i get a chance but i need to focus on some different things to stay fresh and keep interest high.

soon enough with a lil more familiarity i feel i could start making some thumbs into actual 3d models or 3d sketches. the eventual goal …treat it like a true sketch/sculpt book. 21st century indeed :+1:

BTW …love how this site functions




still much to go

think imma raid the fridge for ice cream while i watch the wizards last 3.1 seconds of this pitiful season…nevermind.

God of war time instead

Great Talent to develop new characters I liked then

Could you tell me what software you are using to allow you to “pin” a picture of Cheney up in a Zbrush window. Seems like a great reference tool.

sorry for the late reply bignewf.

The thumbnail viewer is called ACDSee Classic 1.0
I just placed it in overlay mode so it would stay.
I did get interface issues from time to time however. that being said…when it works…it works great.


some quick sketches to warm me up from my 4 day slumber… cant do that often…time is $$$$.


I am exploring different ways to do hair.
does anyone know weather it’s best to start wit another z sphere or is it really dependent on the cut of the hair?

From a distance the hair i have here…not half bad. up close? it just wont hold up…anyone know of tricks on hair sculpts?
i haven’t seen a spiked hair style used much with these tools. though i know it’s quite possible…maybe some models from FF12?..13…where the heck is that series at now anyway??..well; regardless check their models and maybe get some clues on this style and or process.:idea:
i have ryan Kingsley’s (spell)? head and long hair sculpt vid i bought a few months back. but the principle, although great; apply to long hair.

MUST look into alpha brushes…maybe try some of them scale alphas but modified …hmmmmm.

Hi, dude exciting work. iNSPIRING.

Groetjes Michael:+1:

Thank you so much for the kind words :slight_smile: they help my psyche a bunch:D

that said ,it’s been a while since i posted… I don’t have much to show in regards to progression on my iron maiden …however…the past two weeks have been steeped in learning the Z brush retopo tools and or finding a new solutions (topogun)…In the process Im REALLY getting used to the overall interface of the program…so time has not been wasted :slight_smile:

I tried the topogun demo and it IS fantastic once you get used to the interface…the polybuild options open to you are very powerful…the 125 buxx entry fee would be a no brainer had i the extra cash and no other solutions… but i wouldnt be studious if i didnt at least give zbrushe’s retopo tools a fair try…Glad i stuck it out …when I dont have to pay for the retopo tools out my own pocket i’ll buy the topogun set it IS ZOOM!!..but the zbrush tools can work just as good with practice AND planning…also you can retopo ala subtools!!

i did a few runs at retopo without drawing the cage via polypaint at first…bad idea…so i reluctantly went to painting a grid layout…and wouldnt ya know it…the experience is FAR more cerebral this way.



I think ZBrush’s topology tool is great :slight_smile:

Havent tried any other options, but I’m sure there are tools out there that can make the job faster, but since I usually just need to retopologize at the end, I dont care if it takes a little longer.

It’s farely easy to add, delete and move. The only hard thing is to avoid poles and tris :slight_smile:


getting some of the pages in for the Harpy model i did for Starstruck…pages are still a w.i.p but i was psyched to show it.:wink: