Vray sss2 head

I want to share my Vray sss2 skin settings. I think it´s interesting for some of you.
This head is part of a project I work on. so it´s still work in progress. the hair is not finished and there are also some head parts I´m not happy with.
the skin is not photopainted or projected. all painted in Zbrush.









hello, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: looks epic!

Looks awesome, considering that you painted the skin in Zbrush, it should go Top Row imo. Love it. :+1:

Top Row for shure
Too much real
Keep Rocking man!:+1:


I forgot to say that the head has got a real world skale. this is important for the sss.
eyes have a diameter of 20 to 23 mm. so I resised everithing till the eyes had the right diameter.

new skin updates comming soon !!!

Hello sir,

I just want to ask how could you make your skin pores, any special alpha?

And can you tell me how to create the eyeball. Yours looks so realistic :smiley:


most of the pores I did with the “spray” brush with several standart alphas on it… dots or lines

the eyeballs are standart. two spheres … one with a translucent glossy material and the other with a sss2 material and the diffuse color.
I will post a making of the eyeballs later.

Really awesome. Thanks for sharing! I love how many people are sharing the Vray love now-a-days.

this is a new update. still work in progress. I combined the sss2 with a Vray mat by blending. and I changed the diffuse color a bit.
both pictures show the same skin shader with different light sets.




I like the whole model but I think you can tighten the specular on the lips and add more bumps to them. Great work! :+1:

Nice stuff.
Just a tip, You should try blending it with a shellac material instead.

I posted up a shader (here) using it.

It’s great, I especially like the realism achieved in the eyebrows and lashes.

:+1: :+1:

Nice progress bro.
Good result as well…

thanks guys!
but I need more critique. I have to know what I can do better. I´m not happy yet.
this is a new diffuse. and I overworked the face a bit. new lips and other little changes. I think the lips are better now. but I think the skin is too bright now…especialy the forhead.


Hi pitchepuck! Great job man! Well, IMO, I think the skin is without pores and color of the lips are not specular. The right ear is really red. Other than that, it’s going very well! Congratulations! Sorry my bad english! cheers

I think this latest version is too pale, he looks like a vampire, especially with the red sclera of the eyes. The previous version was great, it needed very little. Maybe hair on the head, that’s it.

Fantastic sss and great sculpt.


I’m agree with Eric Shawn is too pale, otherways, i love the model and the look of it, maybe the shaved hair looks a little odd, i mean that seems more dots of the skin than shaved hair, but is nothing that you can see a lot. but i love the translucity of the ears! Really great job!

I love it all around. Very good job painting the texture. My only critique is, I think there is too much translucency on the ears. Yes, they would have quite a bit, as would the nostrils, but I think maybe too much in this case. I noticed your sss map, and the ears are the brightest on there, and you made the entire ear this bright map. Maybe only the edges and not quite as severe. Just my opinion, but maybe not the concensus. Still, wonderful job. :+1: :+1: :+1:

I thank you all for the tips, critique and comments !! :+1:
you helped me alot. and after 1000 tests I can now post the next update. it´s still WIP and critique is very welcome.




Great face - and love the way the lips turned out on the second render. (Though I find the glare off his forehead a bit much).

Other than needing a little (and I mean only a little) more “grit” or “craginess” and the nose is rendering a little too smoothly the face is fantastic.

Also really like the eyes.

Good work keep it up.