Voodoodad's finished works

I decided to start a new thread now that I (finally) have a couple of pieces that I consider ‘finished’. My thanks go out to all the folks who have posted in my ‘First Attempts’ thread for giving great feedback and planting the seeds of inspiration that moved me to go outside of the box and striving to constantly improve my work.


Construction in Zbrush
Post in Photoshop



I finally finished this yesterday after what felt like forever trying to figure out what to do with the model.
Special thanks again to Glenn (Spiritdreamer) for his constant good advice.

Construction in Zbrush
Post in Photoshop

Great one - nice compositing mate!
Yeah Glenn is an awesome member here on zbrushcentral:-)he is helping as much as he can!
The only thing what bothers me is the background, looks like u layed a layer with difference clouds and blended it with multiply in pphotoshop
looking forward seeing more from you,
Cheers mate,

Blocking out could you do much better in blender or 3ds max.
Especially if you decided yourself for doing a block-like dsign like in warhammer 40K.
Allso you shouldn’t render it in zbrush and learn another “new” thing. Renderpower of blender should not be underestimated if you don’t want to spend too much money on programs. Blender is free.

Export the meshes and render them with physical sky and better materials.

Zbrush is cool for organic forms. Maybe you try to realize them into zbrush isntead of block forms. For the background you could use painting tools. Best would be you get yourself a tablett. though they are not very expensive but effective.

lol. Ok. Thanks Maxpeterson for the constructive criticism.

Hello Voodoodad

No crits from me, im not into that :wink: I really like the mech, it fits with the dark melancholic feel of the image - forgive me for asking… but are you an older guy learning new technology - because if that is the case then kudos to you mate…



Well, I just turned 49. I guess that doesn’t qualify as old, per se, but I feel pretty old lol. I’ve been playing with computers since the old TRS-80 days (google it lol) so the tech isn’t really new so much as different and much more useful.

Hmm… While I’m revisiting this thread I may as well post a couple of newer finished projects.





Interesting concepts here!
The maxwell house thing is my favorite. :+1:

Thanks, Michalis! I’ll always have a fondness for Audrey II (the maxwell house one) as the first time I used a texture map and having it look exactly the way I wanted it to.:slight_smile:

I absolutely love the steam horse. What a great idea. I’d love to see it worked on some more. And as to the sign above the shack…

“uva uvam vivendo varia fit”


Oh, MAN! I KNEW there was something else I needed to add to that damn sign! I haven’t watched the mini-series or read the book for a couple of years, guess I’m gonna have to dl the book to my nook and dig out the dvd’s again! I probably will go back and work on it some more soon. I push my limits as far as I can with the knowledge I posses at the time and then move on to learn something else, but i’ve picked up a few things since I last worked on that one. Thanks for the kind comments by the way.

A couple more that I had forgotten about.


Well said Gary. The interesting thing is, it’s our generation that has given so much to the current one. Heck, if it were not for our generation pushing this ‘computer technology’ forward (our generation did not invent it, but, we sure as heck put the ‘blower on that volkswagen’ per say), the current generation would not have Microsoft, Apple, and all the different computer companies that make all the computer hardware, also-Photoshop, Painter, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Maya, 3DS, DAZ, Modo,Blender … and of course, ZBRUSH, etc (and ALL the other software-too many to mention).
But, to the current generation, nothing but HIGH FIVES to them… for they are pushing the limits even further. :wink:

Shame on you, Dragon! This is supposed to be one of your “non-computer” days, yet here you are posting away! :lol: Thanks for the words, man! Talk to ya soon!


Ha, ha… your right. However, I have not been able to do ANY computer work at all in the last few days, as I have been helping my wife with her new job she just got (she was laid off for 7 months), just doing alot of running around helping her get some info together for the job. Anywho, talk with ya soon. Best.

I’m going to go ahead and call this one finished.


Thank you, Cloverli! It’s been a while since I received a good old fashioned “wow!”. :smiley:

Impressive work mate! Just awesome!! I hope that i’ll be as good as you someday!!hehe

Only one question, at what subdiv levels are you being able to do such fine details?? And also what is the poly count?

That said, keep the awesome work man!:+1: