Voodoodad's finished works

Thank you for the very kind words, Alex! My “dirty little secret” is that I rarely use subdivision levels at all. I mostly use dynamesh on construction projects like this one. When dynamesh is set to a fairly high resolution (I usually set mine between 450 - 600 depending on the details I’m going to need) it really helps to continue sculpting by remeshing which straightens out the topology to a certain extent. On a model like this I can push my poly counts into the 30-40 million area but bring it back down by decimating each piece as it’s finished. I thing Bag End wound up around 12 million polys after decimation master did its magic.

As for “being as good as me” I have to lol a little. I’m getting to where I can kind of pull my weight when doing hard surface work, but when I try to delve into “realistic” organic modeling I’m absolutely horrible. I can pull off a halfway decent looking comic book style image ( see my Joker and my Audrey II in my first attempts thread linked in my sig) but I hold no real hope of making some of the fantastic creatures you see being made here. I’m lucky in that I have tons of time to practice and a very understanding wife.:smiley: So just get some practice under your belt, and you’ll be better than me in no time!:slight_smile:

Hehe, that’s the spirit man, as said, practice makes perfect!:smiley: I’m sure you’ll be great at organic modelling someday! Guess i’ll have to pratice a lot too,:laughing:

And thanks for the tip man! Looking forward to see more of your work,:+1:

Since I’m going cross-eyed every time I look at this now, I’m going to call it finished.

Some more finished pieces, and a few revised ones I’ve been working on.