Vir Norin Sketchbook

Thanks, man! Self-criticism is a way to force myself to do something since I’m quite a lazy person. So when not bashing myself I have a bad tendency to leave my sculpts “as it is” and don’t finish them

Thanks, hope to finish her soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for a kind words. My skills could be much better if I’ll had more time for practicing. Wish you a happy Zbrushing and just remember, that learning anatomy is equally important as practicing in sculpting

Just continuing my obsession with female busts. This time created not purely from my head, but rather inspired by some photos. Although cannot call it likeness sculpt - just “inspired by”, since if i will try to make likeness again I bet it would be another fail as always. Argh, I start thinking that something wrong with my eyes - they are definitely lying to me.

Finally coming back to creating some props for my heroine. Having a fun while polypainting this AR (although it’s not too visible here)

Simple sculpt for relaxation before more serious project.

Finally started roughing a clothing for her. So why not a stripes? And if talking about realizing all my fetishes - why not add a tie? It looks a bit distracting here since it’s painted and contrasting, but in the final render I would probably untie it. So what do you think?:cool:

Trying to find a golden middle between the standard SSS shading and stylization. Also started blocking some colors (obviously not too many details here since the sculpt is still around ~ 600k). Here I was experimenting with exaggeration - wax parameter is cranked up quite high hence a bit waxy feel (partially because some addition of red from BPR filters).
I think I should search for more good examples of skin shaders here on Pixologic.com for more inspiration and technical details

The body is coming out well.

That’s a real nice shape, lovely and soft - Wish I could get my girls to look this good. (Practice I must) The hands even look good

Thank you, guys, for commenting :smiley:
I hope to upload more renders of her soon (and hopefully not just a boring T-pose, but something more interesting)

In case someone is interested how the girl from my previous update looks like - here are some renders (BPR with a lot of PS tweaks). Fibermesh hair isn’t 100% styled yet, and sculpted hair doesn’t really fit good for this renders
hence she is bald here

my oh my shes gorgeous keep up the great work

Thanks, man! I really appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

Another likeness practice and fail again Still not finished and there is a hope that I will change her in a better way… Dunno why but faces with squinted eyes always looks wrong, and I really don’t know how to fix it. Proportions are also a bit off - should tweak them a bit
I should say to justify my fail a bit is that I really haven’t a good references: I don’t have perfect frontal and side views, she is smiling on almost every picture so I’m doing a lot of guesswork about her lips and eyes. In addition all my references are just ~500 px bad quality scans from a fashion magazines… not so many info to work with. But there is still no excuse for my failure.
Will continue with her tomorrow. She is still not very detailed - skipped this part with a hope that with added polypaint she will look more like original girl. Polypaint is also rough, but I already like her freckles
Added some additional paintings in PS mainly to hide some artifacts and bring more life to her eyes (by some reason it’ was very hard to catch a proper highlight in Zbrush during BPR)

Quick sculpt after the three week’s vacation to refresh my muscle memory. I always feel uncomfortable in a first hour or two after the long rest, so decided to sculpt something simple before working on more important stuff.

eh, what do you mean by simple?
it’s great.

grtz p

Thanks, Patpotlood
Well, I call it simple since it was just a sculpting based on photo-references and didn’t required too much of creativity from me. It took a bit of guesswork in several places (simply due to the absence of good references), but almost everything was straightforward :slight_smile:

Finished making a hair for her. Well, it was hard. It is not very visible here but the whole hair-cut is quite complex and contains two knots, several twirls and different layering. Sure I did it while looking at the reference since I’m not so good in hair styling. Decided to export it to Maya and check how it looks (shading a hair with mental ray is always very hard task for me). Also I did some tests with a new MILA shaders. This is actually a first time when I like how skin shader works and looks. Rendered with displacement and she is ~700k here (a whole body). Finally a good material that respects my normal map and doesn’t loose all high frequency details. Establishing the overall color is also a piece of cake now.
For now the whole shading network is really simple: diffuse and scattering components are mixed within 2:1 proportions with glossy reflections on top of it. No reflection, glossiness and roughness maps. I need to experiment with several layers of reflections + check it how it works with native and user IBL (both as lighting and reflections only)
I did some corrections but more or less this is a straight render.

Still not finished sculpt. Have no motivation at all :frowning:
Torso Skin Test.jpg

Are you using zbrush for the some of the skin renders?

Great work in here. keep up!