Vir Norin Sketchbook

Hello guys! This is my first post and I’m really happy to be registered on my favorite 3D software forum. So I will post some WIP renders that I have now on this current laptop and hopefully I will update this thread as soon as possible with a new stuff.
Also English isn’t my native language so sorry for any mistakes and feel free to give me any notations about how to write it correct :lol:
This is actually my first sculpt in Zbrush that I’ve done 2 years ago. It’s a Leonardo da Vinci without a beard (my old PC simply fails to render a hair). Obviously that it was inspired by brilliant Tony Reynolds render. And honestly I was really impressed how good my first sculpt was, that’s why I love Zbrush :stuck_out_tongue:

This girl is from my anatomy study project. It’s almost done but I’m trying to take a rest in case I will came up with a new ideas before I’ll call it done, First render is from mental ray, the next ones from Zbrush viewport. I did some big adjustments in a postpro to some renders (mainly to colors), to brighten them, so sorry if there a bit of overexposure

All sculpting was done from memory just to check how good I am in female anatomy and what I have learned from Goldfinger books.
Here is a face render in Zbrush. Yeah, there are some disproportions and I know about them (I will probably fix them in a next render), but I think it’s giving her a bit of charm so not quite sure about further facial adjustments. And she is looking a bit angry :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a final pose that I choose to make final render in Maya. This particular render was done in Zbrush. I did some fixes after this render, but unfortunately I didn’t make a render of it. So you will see a fixed body in the final comp.
Yeah, now I see that a pose is a bit awkward and unstable.Even worse - I’m also not happy with textures (pure polypaint with brushes), shaders, lighting that I did in Maya. For presenting a simple anatomy study it’s OK, but I know that it might be better.
This is an older male anatomy study (well, almost male)

And some attempts in Hard-surface sculpting and texturing.

Unfortunately the project is frozen and I really don’t know if I will finish it. BTW I sculpted this guy trying to make some kind of cat-like alien, so please, don’t compare it to Avatar dudes, even considering that they are quite similar
That’s all for now. Good luck and happy Zbrushing



Terra (1) cropped.jpg

Terra (1) cropped2.jpg

Terra (3).jpg

Terra (4)cropped.jpg

October (2)cropped.jpg

October (3)cropped.jpg

October (4)cropped.jpg

October (6)cropped.jpg

Leonardo (1)33.jpg

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Some people on other forums asked me why my female models usually have pronounced facial features like very structural cheeks or defined chin and can I even make a really cute and childlike faces. So here is an answer - I started to work on a very young female character. She is a bit stylized… and still too rough, but I like how it’s going.
In the beginning it was just a head, but since I like her appearance, I started to sculpt a body for her. Not a regular workflow for me (meaning sculpting a model by parts and then recombine them), but it would be funny to stitch her head to the body. And yeah, the final render would not be on a simple backdrop - I will make a clothing for her, weapons, environment, enemies, story (probably in cyberpunk style) etc. I hope to post a new updates as soon as possible
Would be glad to receive any kind of feedback :wink:
Female Practice.jpg

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beautiful sculpts. :wink:

Thank you very much for commenting! I’m really glad that you like them:rolleyes:

Started to make a body for her. As I said previously it’s quite unusual technique for me to sculpt the head and the body separately and later recombine them.
As you can see - it’s an early WIP - not so many details here - just experimenting with big forms, proportions and style (since her face is childlike I want to give her youth proportions like 6,5-7 heads tall instead regular 7.5 or heroic 8). But yeah, breasts are already mature (I should mention that she is more 18 years old) and I quite happy with their overall form (I like this matcap but in some cases it breaks breasts round appearance). I will did further adjustments to her breasts after retopology.
Also sorry that she doesn’t have a teeth here so her mouth looks a bit empty. Some more notations- I just recently stitch her head to the body so there are still some problems in transition area in the middle of her neck. Still don’t like her profile and cranium - that’s a first thing that I will fix when I will have a time. And her butt of course - always have a troubles when sculpting this part of the female body
This image was heavenly resized and compressed (due to imge size limit), so feel free to watch a full HD on my DA page if you are interested

Just a quick sculpt and likeness practice to remove stress. Really don’t know why I started it since I have a lot of job to do and a new portrait is just a new headache. But probably one day I will take it to final render and hopefully it would be my first successful likeness sculpt (usually I fail this kind of sculpts).
But I’m glad that it helps and this several hours of mindless sculpting takes away my bad mood
PS She looks kinda similar to the previous girl, but when they are bald, relatively low-res and with a quick rough make-up - they are pretty always similar. So don’t be confused with this quick render - it’s a new girl. And I finally added a teeth :smiley:

Just another practice
Still playing with him (probably 5 or 6 iteration)
Deleted almost all subdivisions and coming back to play with the major forms and proportions.
Also it’s a first sculpt that I’m doing without symmetry turned on. Surprisingly I find this workflow much more enjoyable rather than bringing asymmetry in the end

Small update. It’s my third attempt to make a hair with Fibermesh, but still I don’t feel too comfortable with it. Anyway I will not touch his hair until pose him in appropriate way
Cannot write anymore because I feel so sick, umh.

…My guess would be Josh Holloway or ‘Sawyer’ from Lost. Good job… feel better!

Aw, thank you! And yes, you are right about Sawyer. Really glad to see that people recognizing him. It means that I have at least some progress in sculpting likenesses.
Cheers :slight_smile:

And one small update with T-shirt.

Lookin good Vir

Thanks, BlackMath! Really glad that you like it :slight_smile:

Adding a color!!! Also playing a bit with BPR filters - haven’t a time to test them until now
Still very rough in many places. Skin is too clean and dry. Not enough fibers (probably I will fix it in a postpro)
Hope you will like it :slight_smile:

Just a mini-update
Working on the shaders. Really happy that exported Fibermesh curves are working like a charm (just a minor issues with some tiny curves that were smoothed with a smooth brush too much)
Making a skin shader is always a hard task to me. But glad to say that after many fails I feel more or less comfortable with it (but still not happy how much surface details it eats up)
No glossiness map here, just a quick cavity map in reflectivity slot to break too even spec
PS His blind eyes bothering me so much, hence a small update with textured ones



Coming back to females. Again likeness practice. Again bad results. Don’t like how she looks right now… kinda too vanilla (I almost can hear a small dog woofing behind the shot). I’ll redo it later, have no energy at all

After very hard week of doing nothing, but only UV unwrapping, I decided to take a rest and work on something more enjoyable. This is a body from my unfinished character, a lot of details still not sculpted yet, but her forms overall are very sweet.
Still have a lot of problems with rendering system in Zbrush (even after two years of practicing). The shadowing just doesn’t look right, and there are an absence of shadows in places where they definitely should be. I have a strong feeling that Pixologic guys have been changed something in rendering engine because in 4R4 it behaves quite different if compare to Zbrush 4

Nice sculpt man, dont be so self critical :stuck_out_tongue:

Well she sure is perky…

Looking great though, keep at it.

You’re right, she does have really sweet forms :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice work you have here. I hope i’m this good with sculpting after two years :stuck_out_tongue: