Vigo the Carpathian


Hy everyone, this is the latest project i am working on and nearing completion of the highpoly mesh, as the name implies this project is a recreation of Vigo the Carpathian painting from the movie Ghostbusters 2. Most of the work was done with some back and forth between Zbrush and Maya, more pictures soon to come.


Turntable in zbrush.


Nice statue. I think you did a grat job with this character.


@nebular Thanks , glad you like it.


Some images of the statue from different angles and closeups.
Sculpted hair.

Hair tubes, eyelashes from xgen.

Hair tubes, eyelashes & fuzz from xgen.


Sculpted eye, skin detail.


More images


Even more images.

Sculpted hand before pose.

The wall.

Closeup on the base


Finished modeling and uv mapping the realtime gamemodel version of this statue, next up baking and texturing. After that i need to add eyelashes , hair and fuzz , eye liquid on the bottom of the eyelid and if i’m not forgetting anything i think that might be it with the realtime model.


Well finally finished the textures and tweaked the materials in Marmoset, using the hair sculpt as a placeholder till i finish the game version of the hair that is made of haircards.


Realtime hair wip, finished the scalp,base and breakup layers, will tweak it a bit more and i’ll call this project finished.


Just a quick test for fun growing realtime haircards.


Added the model on artstation to see updates on this and upcoming projects please like my page
Final rendered image next up on to 3d printing.


Got some feedback and decided to tweak the broken wall behind Vigo, increased the edge color mostly.


Small tweaks on the hair and closeup.


Well after some intense optimisation i was able to put the 3d viewer on artstation


Love the sculpt, love the movie. Great job. Thanks for posting.

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@PixoPaul Thanks, glad u like it.
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Preping the highpoly now for 3d printing, also did some preparation in Zbrush to see how molding would look like on some more complex parts what do you think.Wip53 Wip54 Wip55
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Got some feedback and i’m going to need to add sprues at the tips of the fingers to prevent air from being trapped and forming air bubbles. Here is a better view of the hand.

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I think im going to separate the hands for molding, see a lot of people separating them and using a 1 part mold.