Video Lessons in Zbrush Season 2 by cannedmushrooms

Well I have been developing an online curriculum for many classes in 3D and now it’s Zbrush’s turn for a brand new shinny season 2.

Free of course.

Later there will be a high res version of it but for now all you really have to do is watch and learn

This will populate my www.houseoftutorials.net curriculum project when done. You are all free to login as a guest to the site for a preview.

The first video describes the series and why I wanted to redo some of the lessons.


0100 Introduction
0101 Interface
0102 Navigation
0201 Sculpting Intro
0202 Squirkle
0203 Andrew Loomis
0204 Sculpting Basics 1
0205 Sculpting Basics 2
0206 Sculpting Basics 3
0207 Eyes
0208 Polygroups
0209 Zspheres in Sculpting
0300 Intro to the Zsphere
0301 Structure of the Zsphere 1
0302 Structure of the Zsphere 2
0303 Structure of the Zsphere 3

Great stuff! Thanks for the tutorials Jason… couldn’t have made it this far without them. :+1:

This is Great! A big thanks to you! :smiley:

I am sorry to report that VEOH has had a serious decline and in many countries including mine the VEOH website is BLOCKED.
Just for your information that means we are unable to see any of your great stuff.
Hmmm! Saddness!:cry:

For your info VEOH has done the dirty on bout 100 plus countries and blocked them.
Unknown reason but likely money or pressure from film industry.
Maybe another place could also be used to post your valuable lessons.

They are sindicated to youtube and google video also after I upload. Search youtube you will find them;)
Have you tried proxying past there server yet?


type in the url to veoh
and see if that gets you to the lessons.

Thanx for the info and speed of reply


Thank you once agian. I tried entering the fleamarket url from your lessons above and the website is not found.



Its capitol Z

Thank you very much.

another chapter with some pages added;)
the saga continues

Great stuff Jason. I have learned so much from you. Thanks a lot.



Yes chapter 12
I was continueing from chapter 3 when I started to get a little insane with the content. Chapter 12 will never make it into the classroom because it is not task driven (no outcome at the end to turn in) But I had too much fun making it not to share. So here it is for the sake of fun;)
Some videos are still loading;) I’ll Continue chapter 3 after this series is done


WOW, Jason you are insane. This is a great season thus far. Thank you very much for your work. I only wish I could attend you classes, but alas I am in Canada.


First off, I just want to say that your tutorials are amazing! I am still new to ZBrush and they have helped me more than the ZBrush DVDs have, and the fact that you are giving them to the ZBrush community for free is an added bonus. I am soon going to start working on some graphics for album covers/website/etc… for my bands and was woundering if you have and tutorials on painting/coloring the obects with different materials and how to do it, I still have not been able to figure that one out yet. I love the tutorial on the axe and sheild especially (huge fan of the middle-ages) and have been working on a sheild design for my bands and once I get it sculpted I was woundering how to get it the wood/metallic look to it. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I would love to see those

unfortunately the tripple-crap commercialized Veoh won’t allow me to watch these, well 5 minutes of each…even installed the VeohTV program…duh not able to watch them.

thanks though for your efforts

Hi, Jason.

Have you done a tutorial showing the workflow between ZBrush and Maya for creating blend shapes? I’ve seen your Maya deformer video and that is helpful but I was looking for a tutorial that showed putting a blend shaped head on a key framed body. Any thoughts?

Here is a link to a demo of blend shape technology in Maya that I cannot find. Thoughts?




If the animations you already have are in traX editor format then you can probally add blendshapes to the already underlaying mesh.
I do have a blendshape video but I used maya to make the blendshapes. Using Zbrush you have to use worldspace I believe to import the blendshapes from Zbrush.
on houseoftutorials.net under the (animation I) look for the last lessons for the Trax editor. The blendshape video is in my signature below under maya.
I know worldspace in the factor between the two, and when you import it in make sure you turn groups off on the obj import in maya, (same as you would when you do UVS)

Anyway fresh from the stack comes chapter 4
Enjoy. 0305 Explains chapter 3 and 12
Soon to be on youtube also

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I dont support veoh but I have to use it for the classes I teach sometimes here in the US for the students to catch up on content when they miss a class.
Rapidshare is out of the question but I am open to sudjestion on any Veoh like sites that allow posting in embeded format (example below)

Heres that article



If you cannot see the videos go here and download them using the Flash application!!! (middle of the screen!!!)

Videos are high res versions!!! you will need Xvid codec !!!!

This will launch 2 tabs in your browser go to the first tab and download the video.
Good luck with that :wink:


Hi, Jason.

Thanks for the info. Your site is asking for a username and password. What do I use?