vBee Sketchbook

Hi, guys , I wanted to open a sketchbook thread for a long time, so here it is :slight_smile:

Below are some recent zbrush explorations.


Some studies:

A speed sculpt of a monster head:

Some hard surface speed sculpts:

This one is for a game called “Earthrise”








Very cool stuff, I love your style!

Crazy style man!!

First of all, let it be known that your work is waaay beyond anything I could hope to do. However, … :wink:

IMHO: In the character from “Earthwise”, from a side view his thighs seem much too vertical. They should bulge out a little more to the front, and then sweep back before connecting to the knee. The curve of the lower leg actually looks right, though; its position under the butt (along the figure’s center-line) seems dead-on. You mainly need to capture the subtle “S” curve in the leg as a whole. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Technically, Great Job!

@TheTurner, @EiGHT - 10x guys, I’m very happy you like them :slight_smile:

@kevphil - 10x dude, I really appreciate the critics. I know what are talking about and I’m sure the character will benefit from a bit of tweaking. Actually I’m planning to render this guy soon, I’ll see what I can do to make the legs look better :slight_smile:

Here is another character armor…this is actually an in-game model but I used zbrush when dealing with the high-poly. Again, it is for earthrise:



I like the all ,nice job.
Are u using poli groups ang group loops ?

very nice hardsurface stuff!:+1:

Really great torso on the earthrise sculpt. Your head constructed out of planes has inspired me to try the same as an exercise.

10x ! For the earthrise sculpt the workflow is a bit oldschool - I’ve prepared the basemeshes in 3dsmax (they are vary simple but use a lot of edge creasing and vertex weights so I can make the shapes and planes readable and more controlled) and then detailed them in Zbrush with projection master, regular sculpting and the “Project All” button.

The next character I’m about to post soon is done entirely in Zbrush with extensive use of the poly groups and group loops features.

Glad you like it, 10x ! :slight_smile: The original is created by John Asaro, I’ve posted a link to it on the first post. It is really well designed sculpture to learn from.

Here is an anoher character armour done entirely in zbrush. Again, it’s for Earthrise:

Anatomy study :slight_smile:
I was in the Scott Eaton’s course for anatomy, what to say, by far the best learning materials on this subject! I recommend it to everyone ,it worth’s every penny

About the image below, it is just a quick sculpt to revise what I’ve learned from the course.


can you provide other views of your anatomy study, looks awesome though

Awesome ! :+1: Keep it going.

Your stuff is amazing, I especially love the earthrise character.

looking good martin :slight_smile:

10x guys, glad you like them :))

@Sparky3d, I’ll post some more soon :slight_smile:

Good stuff:+1:

I’ve recently attended Bryan Wanya’s course. Here is a turnaround of the creature bust I did. I’ll post the final render soon :))

bee, how can i become cool like you?

hehe, pablo…10x a lot man ! :slight_smile: