vBee Sketchbook


Nice creature man, and yeah, I think it deserves a better render indeed!:smiley:

Here is the final render of this fellow. What do you think guys , C&C are welcome.

You can check the high res version >here<


grate sculpt and loving the color and eyes

Awesome character! It`s a redisign of Creature from the Black Lagoon? the only crit is that the teeths seems too flat than the rest, Awesome anyway! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great character, I also thought about going to this course but can’t afford it for now :frowning:
How was the xourse anyway?

Moths, 10x a lot:)

M-Wicz 10x man, glad you like it. You,re right about the theeth , going to fix that:)

The course was a blast ! I recommend it to everyone that have interest in designing creatures ! Bryan definitely have a unique lay of working and did put a lot of effort in his course.
Although I think to take as most as you can from the course, one must have a good understanding of human anatomy first.

great sculpt and render.

I wanted to share with you the thumbnails I did for this character and the actual speed sculpts I started with.


About the thumbnails , initially I really liked number 10, but decided to go with 8 because it fit the character description better.

Here is a diffuse only shot to show you the patterning - After I finished the coloring job I step back from the computer and realized that this character with fit ridiculously well in environment where it is surrounded by watermelons - he will have the perfect camouflage ! :smiley:


Also something else I did to chill out while doing these…In the book “Shadow over Innsmouth” these creatures live in abandoned human houses …after a while of trying to think how a typical innsmouth fellows look like , I began to imagine what these guys do in their normal day by day live. After all they don’t chase foreigners every day, so what do they in their houses away from the visitors eyes ? Below is a typical innsmouth family , the father, his wife and son (obsessed with his favourite cartoon hero) :


This is one of the sickest creatures Ive seen here in a long time… Really Really cool stuff. Love the render, and design, and really solid execution. Your thumbnails are really interesting too. 9 and 18 are my second and third faves.
Great work

Really NICE characters you’ve got here!!! you must have been 1st in B.Wynia class!!!:wink:
Great sculpts exercises.

Can you share with all of us your process?

you a fan of lovecraft?
my favorite video game ,call of cthulhu: dark corners of the earth, was inspired by 2 works of lovecraft (one of which was shadow over innosmouth)
ive loved his work ever since
looking at your concepts is delicious eye candy for me :slight_smile:

@Polo2011 -for the thumbnail process I have to thank only to Bryan Wanya. I followed his method for the thumbs,In brief, first we had to create 3 or 4 speed sculpts concentrating on silhouette and big shapes ( you can see mine on the previous page). Than using those speeds as a base, we had to push the designs in photoshop - lots of liquify tool, puppet warp and basic overpainting with a flat round brush :))))
I really can’t recommend enough his course, if you are interested in creature creation, try it out ! It withs every penny :))))

@pabgo - Thank you once again buddy ! :slight_smile: About the Lovecraft book ,it was actually part of the assignment in the course…we had to read it and base the concepts on the descriptions of the deep ones in the book :slight_smile: “Shadow Over Innsmouth” is a very good story, I really dig the plot twist at the end :))

Here are some thumbnail practices. I’ve used zbrush for the heads and then overpainted them in photoshop
using the liquify tool, puppet warp and a simple round brush. Crits are welcome :slight_smile:

Rad paintovers man!! Your Innsmouth freak looks pretty cool.
Great Job!

@nicko , 10X a lot !

Here are some studies from this week. I wanted to practice aging this time so I did a young man bust and then made his elderly version…but first, here are
the zombie fun I had using the busts:

Below is a animation showing the transition between the two busts and then are both stills separately. Crits are welcome ! :slight_smile:


Happy Holidays everybody ! :slight_smile:

Fantastic transition! Amazing skills :wink: Keep up the good work.:+1:

@nickolasnm, 10x man ! :slight_smile:

Wednesday practice time. The image below shows a female bust that I sketched today using reference for the face from 3d.sk ,
and a quickly improvised hair style and bra. Maybe I’ll try several thumbnails using this one as a base, will see about that.
Zombifying her? Hmmm , maybe :smiley:


The new thing learned today is a method of creating basic layer of skin pores - first you need to apply default small scale surface noise to the mesh and then blur it out using a special smooth brush called the “smooth peaks” brush.
For this tip I have to give the credit to the guy that made this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpbSuBs24dY, 10x a lot , this is a great technique !

Good sculpts.

the zombie animal sketches are awesome. Love the fish guy too.