Vasil Peychev's Sketchbook

I really like your Octo-Maid, she flows like shes really underwater. The Pillar / Wall decoration of the woman is also really fluid and pleasing! Major props; great sculptures :+1:

Love the dynamism of the sculpts, especially the swirling octo-maid.

How do you get all high resolution sculpts into your renderer? Do you decimate beforehand? Do you use normal maps and the like? Do you just import big ZBrush OBJs?

Great job!


Great sculpts! enjoyed them. love the gesture and style of sculpts.

Awesome work. Love all of it. The guy on the bear and octopus girl are my favorites.

very nice sculpts

Thank you for the awesome motivation guys!
@lhumungus - I’m usually using a decimated or dynameshed mesh for the test renders. When I’m happy with the composition and lighting I use the original mesh without any decimation - up to 9 mil meshes.

amazing triple awesome


Friggin’ Awesome work! Very nice! Subscribed . . .


Love your work, and congrats on top row! :+1:

These images look like they could be 3d printed? very nice work here and they have that smooth look that I like.

Wow !here all are nice and amazing and really good job.thanks

How can a curved ellipse be created in Zbrush? The orientation is “landscape”, with the front face of the ellipse slightly curving forward, similar to the modern televisions.


Have you watched this new ZMod video?

Coincidentally, it shows you how to create soft and hard edges w/dynamic subdivision.

Then again, I may not be catching onto your question. :slight_smile:

If not, please ignore.

@David to make a curved ellipse you can use a z cube take the move tool or use the deformation panel and translate/move it to the right on the X axis. Rotate the cube 45 degrees delete the poly facing the origin/center use subtool master and mirror the object into one subtool and use the zmodeler bridge tool to get an arch to make up the curve between the two open ended cubes. I know there are several ways but I am not at the PC to walk you through the steps. There is also the option for one of the primitives that looks like a coil/spring that might work as well but I am not certain. I hope this helps and is clear.

The example I gave above would be with you looking down on the ellipse. To have it in the position you want rotate it 90 degrees so that the curve is facing you, select the bottom polys and move them down to give the height of the ellipse and this will give you the curved ends facing forward as long as you deleted the poly on the top left after rotation of the zcube (mentioned in the last post).

I’m showing my ignorance here, but I’m not an art major. I’m curious, and if I don’t ask, I may never find out:

Isn’t an ellipse an egg shape? An oval?

When I googled “modern television,” I got an image that looked like a flattened egg, with a frame around it.

That’s easy to make with a QSphere, sized out on the X axis and in on the Z axis, adding a QMesh border.

Apply dynamic subd to soften – crease any edges that need to be harder.

Am I totally off the mark, with my train of thought? As I said, I’m not an art major. They didn’t teach us
about curved ellipses in my history classes. :wink:

Any clarification would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: An Elipse is an oval, like the orbits of most planets

Thank you, roanfarley. :slight_smile: