Vasil Peychev's Sketchbook

Hello, guys!
I will be posting my sculpts here, including work in progress ones.
Please comment and feedback!

Here are some of my first sketches:

More soon!
Thanks :slight_smile:

wow so much life in your sculptures! top row stuff man!
great work!

That is some very nice work! :+1:

This community is great!
I hope for some feedback, here are some work in progress shots:

Love the clay feel, what matcap/material is that?

I love your style. The mermaid is awesome!

Lovely work. Looking forward to seeing a lot more from you.

Lovely work,

Awesome work ,and I like your style as well, :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: keep up the good work!!!

…indeed! :+1:

Is it BPR, Cycles or something else that you render with?

@Fynn, zber2, dopepope, Masart, d’Artbot, Frenchy Pilou - Thanks you guys!
@roanfarley and nebular - the earlier ones are from NextLimit’s Maxwell Render. Currently I’m experimenting with Modo for rendering purposes.
I don’t post BPR renders because the perspective tends to break in 4R6 if your model is not centered, but I’ve been told that in 4R7 it’s fixed.

Beautiful sculpts. I agree with everyone else, the sensitivity and expressiveness of your sculpts is what makes them a deserved Top Row. Congrats! Keep up the great work. :+1:

Incredible sculpting skills, Vasil :+1:
Awesome attention to forms, silhouettes and line of action.

Top row material for sure! Congrats!

Great work! Love the fluidity.

So dynamic…these are fantastic!

Great stuff, very inspiring!

Beautiful stuff. I like how the sculpts are stylized but you can see the solid underlying anatomy knowledge.

I knew this would get toprow!

What a great post. You have some wonderful art there. I love art and I love your work. Art is inspirational, and you, have inspired me. Thank you. I also enjoy the underwater feel that you give the images as well.