Various Characters

Hi all.

It’s my first post in this forum! A little bit nervous:) , but very exciting to share my works with you! Some of them you can find in Zbrush turntable!

Hope you will enjoy my works.<O:p</O:p

Look forward for a comments! <O:p













Very nice works!

Awesome works man ! How you did the hair in the female head? Is really nice.

well done! hpe see more models!
5 STARS indeed

Very nice work :+1: Sweet Knight! I love the form and plating you have going on in his back. He reminds me a bit of a Demons Souls character. Very good job on these :slight_smile:

Instant Top Row thread. Fantastic work! Especially the Knight. :+1: :+1:

Very nice ,good work.

Clearly top row ! Awesome works dude

good job, how did you create the hair for the bottom image?

Great work!
Best regards, Selwy

Thanks guys for comments!! Very appreciated!

Anna hair was done in Maya 2009 and Rendering with Mental ray ! I have used standard Maya hair system. It’s is good and flexible but took a long time to render:angry: !!


Dark warrior looks like a cross between Dark Cecil and Golbez of Final Fantasy 4. Really like the design of him.

awesome work !! … i like the hair … never been successful with maya hair

5 stars buddy. nice work

Great stuff! It would be wonderful if you could provide details (and maybe illustrations!) of how you used ZBrush on this. I’m sure many people would appreciate that.

Thanks so much for all your comments, I’m very surprise that got so nice responds. I’m definitely will share my work flow, just give me a little time to prepare some screenshots:D


Here my very short workflow.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

and alittle bit more about hair





Thanks for the elegant breakdown. Cool looking lady too.

Really interesting breakdown indeed :+1:

I like a lot the models too ^^