Various Characters

Very useful hair tips, thanks for sharing!

Wow, your work is just amazing!!!

Definitely :+1: .

Just FYI, the link to your homepage is broken (spelling). I found it at the proper link used in the image signature, but not the one listed on ZBC.

Thanks for sharing your workflow!
Im interested to know how you used Image Plane to create the bump maps…

Really great first post! Nice models! Congrats on Top Row, too! :+1:

Thanks for sharing your work flow with us.
And Congratulations for coming on top row of Zbrush Central.

thanks a lot for the break down of your hair :slight_smile:

Tnx for the workflow rahmserg !!! short but useful :smiley:
Five stars from me !!!

I adore your knight :+1:

great works! i love the knight’s armour! congratulations for the top row

Great Work here. And That ImagePlane-Bumpmap thing could be handy to me for a current job :smiley: Thanks!!


WOW! TOP ROW!!! it’s amazing! thank you guys for all your support!!

hosch: already fixed! thanks to let me know.

bludragon: I’m still using this technics to do a bump maps.


Thanks for sharing rahmserg!
Where do you find the landCurves.mel script??

andream: I’m don’t remember the source of this script, somewhrere in internet .
but you can download from here:

copy it’s to your Maya script dir.

and in maya select curve you want to land and mesh, and type
landCurves; in script editor.

big thx for peaple who wrote this script!!!
landCurves.zip (3 KB)

Ohhh thank you so much, very kind!! :):):slight_smile:

Great worx! I love the Anna bust, :sunglasses: :+1: ! Congratz on TR!

all have been say!! hot off!
will you please explain the step 4 in the modelling workflow about" imageplane and bump map…" please
thanks in advance

nothing to be nervous about. you’re really really good :smiley: i love the very first one

Well done I especially like the lighting on the armoured figure. Congrats!!

Great job!:wink: Everything looks great…the only critique I have is on the left forearm of the girl in your Toy piece. It looks like when you were posing her wrist, the left forearm got bent in the process. It just looks a little unnatural. The rest of the pose looks awesome! Top row!:+1: