Updates Available for ZBrush and ZBrushCore

It would be nice to have some NEW added features during this lock down. Please…

Thank you for this update. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:

I can’t complete the update by “updater.exe” because China’s network is too bad.
Where can I download this file on web?

@CrazyJN You can download from My Licenses. It is the full installer, so you’ll want to uninstall your current version, download the new one, then install.

Thank you, AURICK !

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Important: After installing this update, there are specific steps that you need to follow in order to get pressure sensitivity over Remote Desktop or on a mobile device. Please see [this article ]

(https://support.pixologic.com/article/412-pen-pressure-sensitivity-not-working?_ga=2.200117806.1408088395.1590945240-1642105918.1590544059) for instructions.

This last update work with a surface pro 4?

You must have a cached copy of the thread somehow. The correct link is:

The upgrader app install the 1.3 update only, again and again.
Try it 4 times. Not working.
No .1.4 update possible on this way for me on Win 10.
Please fix!

Thanks and best regards

I have the same problem.
I tried 3 times only 1.3 available.

I’ve just noticed that it’s the same for me, Zupgrader download the 2020.1.3 update.
I have a slow connexion so I prefer downloading the update and not the full version. I’m waiting to know when it’s fixed.

Edit: I finally tryed to go in my licences to download the full version but I can’t see any link there, I just see “ZBRUSH 2018 - (SINGLE USER LICENSE) 03/29/18” with my key licence and a request deactivation button.

For me as well
I trust the Team to fix it quick


ZUpdater will not work at this time. You must use My Licenses to download the new installer.

If you are using the Trial, you instead need to go to the delivery email that was sent to you after you registered for the Trial. You can use the link in that email to download. We’ve reset all Trial downloads to work until June 9.

Sorry about that.

Ok, thank you for your reply. And I can now see the download button, it’s perfect.

Thank you Aurick
Download started

I agree It would be nice to have some updated Features. Especially in lockdown and with all going on in hard times. It was exciting to see and update, and a let down to see nothing new.

2020.1.3 was by far the most unstable version of Zbrush I have used to date, kept crashing constantly for the smallest operations. Really hoping this version has addressed these issues as for me its basically unusable!

This update is also meaningless, I hope to strengthen and improve the topology and UV development, more convenient to use. Topology and exhibition UV also stopped three years ago.

It is really laggy if I pan/zoom on the canvas. If I use the buttons on the gui, it is okay. I think this is a bug.

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