updated sketchbook - still learning

Hey Zbrushers and everyone who loves ZBrush,

My name is Kenny and I am a student for Digital Media in 3D Modelling and 3D Sculpting.
I have been learning ZBrush myself for about 5months now and I’m practicing and sculpting every day to get better, sometimes its frustrating seeing others so good, but that is even a bigger motivation and inspiration for me. So thanks zBrushCentral and every artist who inspires me!!

Here are some newer works of mine and hopefully you like it. I am practicing ZBrush everyday and trying my best to get better, but still have a LOT to learn. My daily basis is human anatomy, at least 1-2 head per day to get the anatomy of the face right.So would be great if you all could give me a little advice and judge my work, what you think that is not so good and what is good. Please comment and help me to learn from my mistakes.

Cheers and Happy sculpting ya’ll.

p.s.: here is an older thread, 2 months ago now. So hopefully you can see a little better sculpting on my update^^






here are some more doodles - still practicing before doing a full highly detailed character

another quick one - still learning I really want some critique


I like the last.

Nice sculpts! :+1:

Thank you very much, really appreciate every comment and!
This site is awesome, great that you like my last one.
The others were like only some dailydoodles trying to learn anatomy.

The evolution in your art is pretty clear, this just keeps getting better and better, keep going man!

Thanks mate for your kind feeback, I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me. :slight_smile:
“Yes sir let’s keep going and hopefully take it soon to the next level”
Happy sculpting =)

Nice Sketchbook :)Im loving your improvement in every character bust you make. I especially like the alien design. Maybe you can add a bit more attitude to his face, like in the eyelids and in the mouth area. Good job so far and cant wait to see your next update :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the great feedback, you are right he looks a little too harmless^^ I will work on the attitude of his face, thanks for giving me an advice what I can do better, means a lot to me!
Yeah will keep it posting on ZBrushCentral :slight_smile:

Hi KC :slight_smile:

Excellent start to your new sketchbook…:+1:…Great progress shown…which is always a great thing to see happening.:slight_smile:
You deffinitly have the touch needed…shows in those bust studies posted above…Great sensitivity in those and also great but subtle emotions captured…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)… Really looking forward to seeing more of your works and the great progress that is sure to come with them in here…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

P.S. I wrote you something in my sketchbook thread this morning that may be of use to you in your further study of anatomy…Check it out when you have time…it might be useful to you, and might help you out alot in your future studies of anatomy…:slight_smile:

Thank You for the great feedback and the input mate :slight_smile: !I reallly appreciate your kind words mate, it means a lot to me and ofcourse is welcomed hihi :slight_smile:
Thank your for the advice with the anatomy books of Burne Hogarth, I bought me one of amazon and will study the book. Will not copy, want to find my own style and artwork :slight_smile:
I will practice as much as I can and maybe someday I have the honor to work in production. Will keep you updated with my sketchbook.

Hope to hear from you soon mate,

Best regards and happy sculpting,

First of all thank you ZBrushCentral for giving me a little attention really it means a lot that people comment on my work to learn from the mistakes!
You guys ROCK!!!:+1:

here is another quick doodle of friday night.(anatomy study) head sculpt was made in 1-2 hours and whole body in 5-6 with polypainting.
Whole body was made with dynamesh except the head is also made in a low poly variant.
Wanted to sculpt Will Smith but somehow he looks more like Barack Obama, Michael Jordan and a little of Will
Put him in a space suit,actually wanted him more like in a football outfit^^ Had him wearing a helmet, but well too much
Hope to get some judgement from you all:)
Cheers have a nice weekend ya’ll.


FullHD_Willsmith_renderCGHUB.jpg Willsmith_34_renderkcprod.jpgFullHD_Portrait_willsmith_kcprod.jpg

his proportions are off, but I can tell from the face that will smith was one of your references, I would take a look at that torso again though, for one the hands are small, and the arms short, as well as the bicep flows oddly into the forearm. Google images is your friend in this case. good start though :slight_smile:

Thanks for stopping by Framedworld, we know each other due cghub :slight_smile: Thank you for giving me an advice and will start working on the problems you mentioned. Still have to learn so much about anatomy but willing to^^ Thanks for the tip.
Best regards and happy sculpting,

I knew it’s Will Smith at once. The alien in armor is your best work :wink:

Thank you very much for stoppy by raVirr

Here is another saturday night doodle, model is still WIP because want to finish him.
alien concept WIP - a little doodle for an opponent of my other alien. he is sort of the bad alien guys chief. some issues with the design - advices would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone who is looking at my art and is giving me feedback to it :slight_smile:

Reminded me an alien from “Independence day” movie,
Good Job

Thanks for the visit and the feedback FairCat.:+1:
Hihi well maybe I watched Independence day too many times , but they look a lot different :slight_smile:
Well back to sculpting, see you on the next update!

Hi !
the will smith likeness are very good, its hard to do likeness work.

Keep posting :smiley:

Mauro D`Elia Matheus