updated sketchbook - still learning

Good work with your Will Smith. We can see your progress at every step.
Nice jobs ! And keep sculpting !

I’ll say like the others, your Will Smith is not really far from likeness!
You may want to watch your proportions tough, your Smith model has a very long torso compared to the lenght of his legs.
Lol and I just saw that you’ve putted a Zelda Ocarina of time symbol on his shoulder pads :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your last Alien, he already has some personality.

Thanks MightyReg you for the kind feeback and stopping by and giving me an advice. Yeah his legs are very small, a lot of people mentioned that ^^ Will definently rework on that one:-)
Never came in my mind that it was from Zelda Ocarina, I thought it was a Warhammer 40K Logo or something :smiley:

Mauro my friend thanks for stopping by. Well I am not that satisfied but thanks mate, will train to do a lot of likeness in the future:)

Thank you Langelot for the kinds words. Really means a lot to me!:slight_smile: I will definently keep on sculpting, every day and every minute until my hand is hurtin even than it goes on ^^ :smiley: It’s nice to get some feedback from you all, really great forum and great people on here!

Happy sculpting ya’ll!:):smiley:

Hi Kenny,

Great work for a friday night and you captured the likeness of Will very well.

To the proportions: I would lift the hips higher and make his legs longers. His Hands should have been much lower in that position.
Maybe you take a look at that famous da Vinci picture with the man in the circle.

Overall I like the good expressions of the faces in your work very much.

all the best Jake

Nice Job Kenny. I hope to see the posed model of yours. T-pose always worse than you made. Good job :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hi Kenny,

I think in this inital pose he doesnt really look badass enough. Maybe you could add some dangerous features like teeth or make his view more wicked with yellow reptile eyes perhaps. I dont know, maybe add some asset, that makes clear, he`s the villain like the black stetson hat in old cowboy movies.

Great sculpt so far!

Great to see your progress! Really good job!

@Jake Rupert - Thank you very much mate for the kind words, yeah totally had fun on that one, but still having some anatomical problems, thanks for giving me the advice with the legs and arms, a lot of people mentioned that problem, will definently rework on that one^^

@ajkjk - Oh thanks mate, means a lot to me to get a feedback from you mate!:slight_smile: You are an amazing sculpter! I will work on a pose and will post it soon mate, I will keep you in touch!

@VISEOne - Thanks for stopping by and giving me a feedback. Really great seeing people taking time to critize and comment my artwork. Thank you very much for that. I have seen you gallery and it is great, you are also from hamburg. Moin Moin :smiley:

You guys ROCK , thanks for the inspiration and motivation!:+1:
Cheers and let’s keep on sculpting!:slight_smile:

I’m not from Hamburg - even closer to Munich - I live near Luxembourg border near by Trier.

It’s always good to comment others works - I know myself how frustrating it can be to expect some critiques or helpful advise - but noone replies and within a day your thread goes down the line since so many other artists are posting new works everyday.
The german forum was my little hope - but nothing really is going on over there…

I’m still learning - started almost 2 years ago when I bought ZB 3.5 but due time I couldn’t stick with it - so I started again some months ago and learning a little each day…

Your progress is amazing - the armored alien shows how much you learned lately - congrats to that!!!

let’s stay in touch for sure!


Thanks for the kind words mate, I really appreciate it and it means a lot me! Comments like this are very motivating and it is great seeing people share there work and talk about it and make contact! Oh sorry I thought your were from Hamburg^^

Yeah you are right, I looked at the german forum too but there was much going on there so I rather post here =)

Totally like your gallery mate, a very unique design and you have some great characters/creatures!

For sure we keep in touch mate =) There is no way that someone brings me away from my zbrush and zbc :smiley:
Cheers and thanks again really!!:slight_smile:

Here is another 30min doodle in sculpting and polypainting which I made in college today xD still having some problems with anatomy of the face and he is not the best looking guy but thoughI I just keep you guys posted and updated, I am working on other projects for my online portfolio, so I just keep on posting some doodles =)

Best regards,


Cool new head dude. good thread overall :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank you so much Evan mate, means a lot to hear a feedback from such great artist like you!:+1:small_orange_diamond:)
Well there went something really wrong with the compositing of the guy, you can’t even see the fold details of the shirt XD well^^

Wow KC, that’s excellent for just 30 minutes. It takes me forever to do the simplest things. Great job.


Looks good man, only 30 min, you made this. You have really fast hand buddy. In my personal opinion about an anatomy, you are fine. There is no wrong way or good way. It can be your own style. I have a question, what is the white thing on the right eye side? it looks harry potter’s :smiley:

Thank you Ezra means a lot to me to get some feedback!:slight_smile:

Oh thanks bro I really thank you mate, well I am still missing the crispness of human sculpts, will keep on practicing my face anatomy^^
Yes you are right :smiley: it definently looks like harry potter somehow, well wanted to make a scar or something like that haha :smiley:
Thanks for your feedback guys, that is a big motivation for me to get such good feedback and adviced/tips to my work! really appreciate it!


Here is another wednesday creature doodle in sculpting and polypaiting made before starting on my character project to get some warm fingers^^ it is freezing here in europe :smiley:
Hope you guys like, comments and critics are very welcomed!:slight_smile:

It looks cool!!!

the pores to the top right of the eye look good.

The texture on the head is really nice!

Thanks mate really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, nothing special just to put some surface on him and detail!

Thank you very much what exactly do you like on the texture?

ZBrushCentralCentral and all his members you are great, thanks for giving me feedback!
That is a big motivation for me!

Cheers and happy sculpting ya’ll,


I like the subtle pores on the forehead - compared with the chest which is to harsh imho…but maybe this was not intended to be the final texture on his chest anyway :slight_smile: