Update to ZBrush 2023.0.1 Now Available

Hi Aurick,

Im on PC but great you guys are already looking into it!

Cheers Chris

Hey, the update is awesome, just a bit sad there’s no more zremsher legacy option it was a useful feature.


the old customers will unfortunately ignored in the offers, because there is no information on important points to make a decision.

If I buy Zbrush 2023 for $659 EUR, do I always have to update every year or can I keep the perpetual license forever from 24 or 2025…

There is no price information for the approximately costs of future updates, we bought KeyShot and we don’t know how it will continue with the upcoming KeyShot 12.

The offer may be reasonable for new customers with 970.47 EUR who have not yet bought any render software,
but for the owners of KeyShot, Autodesk, Marmoset, VRay, or Arnold, is the Redshift Bridge unfortunately not really interesting, we have everything we need, the Redshift Bridge is an extra product, the Bridge can also be calculated from the offer, it’s hard enough that we have to buy ZBrush a second time, but there is no update offer for the old customers I have listed, who therefore have no need for the Redshift Bridge and of course cannot/don’t want to spend this money on it, you could also render in Blender and that without any costs.

It would be nice if we could get positive answers :grinning:

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If I buy Zbrush 2023 for $659 EUR, do I always have to update every year or can I keep the perpetual license forever from 24 or 2025…

It’s a perpetual license upgrade. So what is happening is that you’re changing your perpetual license from ZBrush 2022 to ZBrush 2023. You then have perpetual use of that version.

There is no price information for the approximate costs of future updates,

We don’t have that information. I would guess that it will stay the same unless the price of ZBrush changes.

we bought KeyShot and we don’t know how it will continue with the upcoming KeyShot 12.

The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge was made free for all users by Maxon. We have no information regarding KeyShot 12 at this time.

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Many thanks for the quick response Aurick,
to be more precise, I meant the update price from 2023 to 2024 that can’t be around 500 or 600 EUR again.

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I am a developer of products for ZBrush. I have a perpetual license for ZBrush 2022.

Can I keep my 2022 version installed on my PC, and then get a subscription from time to time so I can update the products I do?

Or would installing the 2023 version delete my other installs or invalidate them to work?

I want to avoid the situation in which I can’t test or use lower versions of ZBrush for my products.

Thank you.

The subscription will not affect the perpetual license in any way. That also means that the subscription will not update the perpetual license. The perpetual license will stay at ZBrush 2022 while the subscription receives its free upgrades.


How are they free updates if you are paying for a subscription? They are updates that are covered as part of the subscription,by paying for the subscription, surely? If they are free updates then it really makes the whole messaging about this situation even more confusing?


Thank you so much Aurick

Hi @aurick, looking at your link, it says perpetual licence users can get 25% discount of annual subscriptions, and a link to contact Maxon.

I contacted them regarding this, and they don’t seem to be aware this 25% deal exists and offered me 10% off another completely different package?
could you shed any light on this?

This is excerpts from that page (i’ve omitted options 1 and 3):

[ Upgrade Options for ZBrush Perpetual License Users
There are three paths by which you can upgrade to ZBrush 2023:
2 - Purchase a ZBrush subscription. For a time after the release of ZBrush 2023, annual subscriptions will be available at a discounted price of approximately 25% off for the first year (renewing at regular price thereafter). This will give you ZBrush 2023, with the Redshift Bridge and Redshift CPU. To use Redshift GPU, you would additionally need to purchase a Redshift subscription.

How do I get the discounted pricing?
To purchase a perpetual license upgrade or receive the discounted pricing on a ZBrush annual subscription or Maxon One annual subscription as explained in points 1, 2 or 3 above, please contact Maxon directly or an authorized reseller. ]

please could you let me know why Maxon don’t seem to be able to help with this?

Please submit a support ticket at https://support.pixologic.com. I can’t use ZBC as a platform to look into this for you.

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thank you for the speedy reply Aurick, much appreciated.

I just clicked on the link you sent me, and it directs me to the page that you wrote 9 days ago, which mentions the 25% discount! , so obviously I’m a little confused that you can’t advise?

I get a feeling they’re may be quite a few people contacting Pixologic and Maxon to inquire about this 25% discount off the annual subscription for existing Perpetual licence holders.

A little strange Maxon/Pixologic don’t seem to be aware or able to advise on what they have listed on their own website regarding existing licence holders upgrading to 2023?

I’'ve just sent a second email to Maxon, and I’ll also send one to the link you kindly sent, to see if I can get any information.

thank you.

ps. anyone else reading this that can shed some light on this 25% discount, could you please let me know. Thank you.

On the legacy support site, please click the link to start a conversation. That will let you start the ticket with the legacy support team.

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thank you again for the speedy reply,
I just found the link a moment ago, and have sent them a message/support ticket.

hopefully they can advise.

thank you

Hello @aurick I was wondering if you could shed some light on the update process.

I’m on 2022.0.5 at the moment and would like to update to 2022.0.7.
I would much rather use the zupgrader if possible not use the full installer - should save me the hassle of getting my brushes and stuff installed.

My question is: if I use the zupgrader at this point will it update to 2022.0.7 - the latest free upgrade for me? Or will it try to update to 2023, which is a no go for me?


It will update to 2022.0.7.

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Thanks @aurick !


Hi all,
I just received a response from the people at Maxon regarding updating my perpetual licence from ZBrush 2022 to a perpetual licence for ZBrush 2023. It was an interesting answer and it seems we’re dealing with semantics and how you view the phrase ‘perpetual licence’.

Holders of a perpetual licence for ZBrush 2022 can upgrade to a perpetual licence for ZBrush 2023 for US$659 in your local currency. According to the reply I got from Maxon this allows you to have a perpetual licence for ZBrush 2023…HOWEVER there may be future perpetual upgrades. This means if they release a ZBrush 2024 or 2025, rather than a ZBrush 2023.5 .6 or .7 you have to pay for another full upgrade.
As far as semantics go your ‘perpetual’ licence for ZBrush 2023 will never expire.

So it sounds like perpetual licence holders are going to get shafted when a new version comes out. BUT!!! we’ll all have versions of ZBrush 2022, 2023, 2024 etc… that will never expire because we purchased a ‘perpetual licence’.

This seems so far removed from the original meaning of buying a perpetual licence when ZBrush before the good folks at Maxon bought it out.

:upside_down_face: :money_mouth_face:


@johncox85 You’re right.
What gets me the most though is the price.
Be it subscription (just ZBrush and Redshift) or the new “perpetual” upgrade.
It’s just waaaay to much…