Update to ZBrush 2023.0.1 Now Available

@johncox85 You’re right.
What gets me the most though is the price.
Be it subscription (just ZBrush and Redshift) or the new “perpetual” upgrade.
It’s just waaaay to much…


Yeah I was expecting 100usd, not over 600usd lmao that’s just insane


How did you manage to fix the Space Mouse so quickly! Amazing support! Please share this knowledge with Cinema4D team :pray: They can’t seem to fix this for almost a year!

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Holy crap, thanks so much for making a distinction between local symmetry and dynamic symmetry in 2023.1. The loss of the symmetric scaling functionality with local symmetry in the first release of 2023 was a deal breaker.

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I’m confused about this upgrade. Is it free for Legacy/ Perpetual License holders? And if one upgrades to this, will they still be able to access their files that were made under the old Pixologic system (i.e. 2022.0.7 and earlier)? I just want to know all or any consequences for this upgrade.

ZBrush 2022 was the final free upgrade for perpetual licenses.

ZBrush 2023 would require purchasing an upgrade or switching to a subscription. Your options are explained here. People with perpetual licenses are receiving a discount off the first year of a subscription, if you choose to go that route.

In the long run, an annual subscription costs about half what keeping a perpetual license upgraded costs.

Should you upgrade to 2023 by any method, you will still have use of your files from 2022.

Ok, got it! Thanks Aurick!!

Hello, I recently upgraded to Zbrush 2023 for work and have a question about the new license. Previously I had Zbrush on both my workstation at the office as well as on my laptop, primarily for working on Zbrush projects at home. I had assumed that the new 2023 upgrade would allow for a floating license of this sort enabling me to use Zbrush on two machines (at seperate times only) but when installed on my laptop got a message that I would b e exceeding my Zbrush 2023 license to open on a second machine. Question is can I register my laptop and use Zbrush there when not on my office workstation? if not, how do I get this feature that I had in the earlier Pixologic versions? Thanks

Maxon’s licensing system doesn’t allow two concurrent activations. Please follow these instructions:


You can release and assign the license as often as you wish. It only takes a minute to do so.

You’re killing it! Your art is the bomb.